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How long does it take HRT to start working?

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higgle Wed 12-Aug-09 11:28:54

My GP prescribed me Kliofem on Monday, strted taking it yesterday ( Tuesday) my only menopausal problem is hot flushes and they are driving me mad - how long will it take for the effects of the HRT to kick in? desperate to see an improvement. Also does anyone have any good or bad experiences on this drug?

N0tmyrealname Thu 20-Jul-17 12:45:31

Hi all.
I'm 39 and I'd been to my doctors a couple of time over the last 2 years with tiredness, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, scatty memory, night sweats and a low mood. Both doctors (male 30's) told me it was stress/depression. I said I didn't feel that was correct but that was the end of it. Luckily I didn't have any medication for this. Earlier this year I offered to be an egg donor for my sister, the outcome of the test were that I was rapidly approaching menopause and would be having it within the next year. She recommended HRT given my symptoms and wrote a letter to my doctor. I have taken my first pill today! I can't wait to see the results.

PollyPerky Sat 08-Jul-17 20:34:40

@Helen Don't you need to a) start a new thread for this new topic and b) run it past MNHQ as it's survey, gathering data?

helenwebberley Sat 08-Jul-17 16:09:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Jellycat13 Tue 23-May-17 22:23:14

I have been given kliovance by my gp friday against my better judgement. But as i am having a not great time i am trying it. Only been taking it 4 days have had horrible headaches everyday and my right leg has been aching since day two . Had anyone else had similar issues. I want to persevere but cannot face feeling worse tnan i already do.

meerkatburning Thu 24-Nov-16 20:17:03

Thank you fellow meerkat burning ladies. Your comments have really helped and now I know I'm not going mad after all!! The hot flushes were annoying but the meerkat full alert before them at night has been terrible. I cant wait for my elleste duet to kick in!!

Dorje Thu 29-Sep-16 00:05:45

Thanks for that Polly.

As I said, I'm happy with the regimen recommended to me by my GP.

PollyPerky Wed 28-Sep-16 22:19:34

Dorje- the licensed dose for HRT is 200mgs for 12 days. (I'm not talking about a dose for pregnancy.) This info is in the leaflet in the pack.

I've used Utrogestan for around 3 years now under a consultant.

I know what Studd suggests . His regime is usually for women who are severely intolerant of progesterone and as they are having (his) private treatment, they can access scans or support if there are any worries over a low dose.

There are many, many posts on Menopause Matters on Utrogestan on the forum- you might find some of it interesting.

Dorje Wed 28-Sep-16 21:33:04

My GP was happy with prof John studd's recommendation Polly, except to extend the progesterone to 15 days.

(Iirc the 200mg p.d. regimen is for women who miscarry a lot. My sister for eg used 200mg daily for three months as a suppository when she fell pregnant after her miscarriage.)

From prof John studd's website- page on bio identical hormones

"*The best method of taking bioidentical hormones would in my view be Oestrogel 2-3 measures daily with the possible addition of transdermal testosterone gel and then Utrogestan 100 mgs daily for the first 7 days of each calendar month. This would bring about a regular scanty bleed on about the 10th day of each calendar month*"

I suppose the best way to find out what regimen is for you is to go to your doctor. I'm happy with the regimen recommended to me. HTH

PollyPerky Tue 27-Sep-16 08:05:40

That's great news!

Just one question- the licensed dose for the Utrogestan is 200mgs x 10-12 days per month or sometimes from days 15-28.

Have you been told to take 100mgs because usually it's 100mgs every day as a continuous regime?

The risk of taking too little is you won't get endometrial protection.

Dorje Tue 27-Sep-16 00:38:36

Just for anyone wondering about the bioidentical hrt.
I noticed an improvement within three days with the transdermal bioidentical oestrogen gel (two squirts per day) and then after 15 days I took the 15 days of the micronised progesterone capsules, (100mg) per day for half the month.
I had no bad effects from the bio identical progesterone, and I couldn't handle the synthetic progesterone only pill because of low moods and headaches.

I have no problems on the bioidentical gel oestradiol, and little progesterone capsules. I feel and look fantastic. I don't mind the withdrawal bleed I get. I've lost weight and sleep much much better.

Hope this helps

Maybeoneday123 Fri 23-Sep-16 09:20:48

Hi since December been having bad menapause symptoms now developed sleep apnea anyone else experience this with meno

Ann1966 Mon 15-Aug-16 08:36:06

Ive been using evorel sequi patches for 5 months...noticed a big difference within 2weeks!! Wished id started hrt earlier. Feel amazing, sleeping better, flushes stopped 95% of the time, energy level back, horrific mood swings a whole lot better!! Downside is breast tenderness, upside love life has returned!!smile yes vaginal dryness does get a whole lot better x

PollyPerky Wed 27-Jul-16 07:47:11

It might, but the stats show that 1:4 women also need local vaginal oestrogen as well as full HRT.

Bopeep7 Tue 26-Jul-16 22:55:50

Does anyone know if the vaginal dryness will get better on evorel conti patch love to hear from ye ladies

Bopeep7 Tue 26-Jul-16 22:50:32

Hi I am on evorel conti 4 weeks now hot flushes have stopped sleeping better but still have awful pain in my neck and shoulders I feel better tho smile

Kaffx2 Tue 26-Jul-16 22:19:39

Hi I'm 38 and just been prescribe evorel Sequi, has anyone else had this and how long it took to have any effect thanks xx

japanesegarden Sun 17-Jul-16 22:32:40

I've been on evorel conti about a year. I think I started to feel better within a few days of taking it. Most of my symptoms improved certainly within the first month of treatment, but my joint pain, which was one of my main problems, has continued to improve even more over time, so that I think I have less joint pain now than I have done for years. It's been great for me.

Bopeep7 Tue 12-Jul-16 00:12:53

Sorry that is evorel conti hrt patches

Bopeep7 Tue 12-Jul-16 00:11:42

Has anyone any info on evorel vonit for menopause started it one week ago how long does it take to work

Oliverjacoblucy11 Thu 25-Feb-16 10:44:44

Anyone taking Premiqre 5mg , just started any good results ? Out there

BunskiBOO Tue 10-Nov-15 00:39:06

Thank you Bellaciao, I'll keep that in mind. Another question if I may? So i started taking both patch and tabs on the same day (Oct 24) and finished the tabs twelve days later (Nov 4th). When should I start the second (and subsequent) course. I asked the pharmacist, she said i should ask my GP. Rang GP but he was fully booked and next appt next week. Any ideas ladies? As explained, I received no paperwork as their printer had run out of ink. Thanks in advance ladies from 'Confused of Canada' wink

Bellaciao Sat 31-Oct-15 10:19:39

BunkisBOO - if it doesn't get rid of your sweats then increasing to a 50 mcg patch may well do the trick - it always has done for me - but even 37.5 mcg brings back my flushes!

BunskiBOO Fri 30-Oct-15 14:25:07

Hehehe... Thanks Polly, I am rather impatient aren't I?! I have to return to doc after the first month to report findings so I'll see where I am with it then. I suppose it'll have had a better chance of getting into my system by then. It's pretty embarrassing sometimes though, whilst helping a customer at work yesterday (rather good looking chap) I could feel the surge of heat and hey presto, the dreaded moustache of sweat appears. Nice (not) ;) - it could be a lot worse though, I know this and that helps. I'm trying to get my 21 yr old DS through a breakup heartache and it'd have hot flushes over his pain any day sad I wish I knew how to help him! Thanks girls. I shall report back with (hopefully positive) news in the (hopefully) not too distant future smile

PollyPerky Tue 27-Oct-15 17:52:59

bunski Just a guess- it may not be the HRT at all. perhaps your symptoms have just got a bit worse and the HRT hasn't had a chance to really kick in yet? It's early days and you are on a very low dose. You can't really expect a miracle in 3 days so give it time....and <<breathe>> smile

jolene123 Tue 27-Oct-15 17:12:40

hi please anyone with experience im 49 been pmt sufferer all my life and have been given hrt patches a few time s recently symptoms been awful tense anxious almost panic attacks and moody angry ive had blood tests waitinf for results have just taken old prescription of elleste 1mg to chemist and taken 2 ml hoping it calms me down can anyone identify with menopausal symptoms also hot flushes and lack of sleep ?please and thanks

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