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How long does it take HRT to start working?

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higgle Wed 12-Aug-09 11:28:54

My GP prescribed me Kliofem on Monday, strted taking it yesterday ( Tuesday) my only menopausal problem is hot flushes and they are driving me mad - how long will it take for the effects of the HRT to kick in? desperate to see an improvement. Also does anyone have any good or bad experiences on this drug?

Bluebottle63 Wed 09-Nov-11 19:01:34

I can' tell you how relieved I am to find this forum. I always swore that when the time came, I WOULD NOT under any circumstances succumb to HRT. Pah! How wrong I was. I was in such a state last weekend that my mum was going to post me some of hers!! However I EVENTUALLY got an appt with my GP on Monday morning (who is in her 50s) and she was so kind, gave me half an hour which is amazing for a GP appt. Anyway she has prescribed Elleste Duet. It has only been 48 hours and although I am still getting my 'moments' as I call them, I feel loads better in myself as I know that the medication will help the symptoms.

BreevandercampLGJ Wed 14-Dec-11 17:43:25

I found this from a Google search, my sleep has not settled yet, but I suddenly felt less ground down this afternoon. I have nothing to feel ground down about, so that made it doubly annoying.

ameliagrey Wed 14-Dec-11 20:59:35

I don't understand your post Breev- what are you saying?

shazm0 Sun 13-May-12 08:43:58

nightanday - reading your description of "meerkat" style wake ups was such a relief. that's how i felt when i woke up at night. other people have talked about sweats but mine were like yours. almost frightening.

i have been on hrt for 3 days and had my first proer nights sleep for months last night. i googled to see if i was imagining it and i have to say it is a breath of fresh air to find women who sound like me

i am looking forwards to the "frisky" and "supercharged" feelings, they seem like a long time ago at the moment. i am sick of feeling tired and lethargic when i still consider myself an active woman.

shazm0 Sun 13-May-12 08:45:31

bluebottle - i also swore i would never take them. now i am just so relieved that i am not in any of the groups that can't take them.
my family are also relieved :-)

a1amber Sun 27-May-12 20:02:36

Hi all i have been taking elleste duel for 5 days and have not changed a thing yet my worst time is the night sweats. i was so hoping they would have started working by now i so need a good nights sleep. i have read all of the posts so i am hoping that they eventually start to work

a1amber Sun 27-May-12 20:06:01

Oh i too thought that i would never go on hrt but i can't stand these hot flushes anymore they are affecting every part of my life and my libido is totally disappeared

ameliagrey Mon 28-May-12 16:31:58

amber- they say give it 3 months. most people i know have had results quickly- a couple of weeks or so but 5 days is nothing. If it doesn't help in 2-3 months go back as there are lots of different types and maybe you need something stronger.

a1amber Mon 28-May-12 22:26:53

Thank you amelia but i really hope they work soon

happybear Mon 04-Jun-12 14:23:46

Hi just started kliofem day 26 now, developed hypersensitivity on face and neck and now on the shoulders, driving me potty. Face and neck settled down shoulder still untouchable cannot sleep, help! does it settle down or should i change the pills. also itching started before i did not have any.
struggling to know which way to go any advice appreciated.

madelinefearn Mon 11-Jun-12 19:31:24

I am on day 6 of taking elleste duet 1mg, my hot flashes seem to be getting worse and I feel totally drained, I felt tired before but this seems worse, is this normal?

MadMargaret Mon 02-Jul-12 10:46:09

madelinefearn - I have started elleste duet 2 mg as the 1mg did not suit me. It's possible that you might need the higher lever of oestrogen. Your symptoms should not be getting worse, the improvements are usually pretty quick. Good luck.

Bellaciao Mon 02-Jul-12 17:28:43

madelinefearn - as ameliagrey said on an earlier post - you would not necessarily expect to feel any difference after only 6 days and 3 months is the usual time to show a sustained measurable difference. It takes the body a while to adjust to increased oestrogen.

yumimumi444 Wed 26-Sep-12 14:56:09

well, I have been to the doctors this morning and I would like to say that some of the information given by some members is incorrect. Statisticly, there are a number of side effects with taking hrt, as with all drugs, there is a slight increased risk of breast cancer, but I urge all new women that are prescribed hrt to read the information leaflet that comes with the medication. It could be that you are one of the very few that get side effects, etc, but in my experience I have not had a bad experience of taking hrt, it has improved my life. It is advised however that women who have had their ovaries removed, should take hrt to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later lives. Hope this helps and good luck smile

lainiej Wed 26-Sep-12 19:02:19

I've been taking Elleste Duet 1mg for almost a month - in the green tablet phase now. My sweating has stopped which I am eternally greatful for but I feel bloated all the time, I've put on weight and my boobs have become even bigger than they were. I also wake up about 4am every morning and toss and turn for about an hour. I'm a big lass anyway but this is really getting me down. I just checked my BP with our home tester and it was 184/99.

Juelz Wed 24-Oct-12 11:35:41

Hi, I'm new to this forum & hoping for some positive advice, as I'm not feeling great at the moment. I've just started 1mg Estelle Duet (am on day 4) - my hot flushes are just so bad, both during the day and at night - I'm waking up 3/4 times a night & feeling desperate to return to a normal life. My partner is a saint for putting up with me, as I toss & turn at night & our sex life has gone from being great to being non-existent! I know everyone is different, but can anyone comment, from experience, how long it will be before I feel better?
Thank you for listening :-)

Williamandme Mon 05-Nov-12 11:26:50

Hi, Juelz, how are you getting on now? I am on exactly the same meds as you, 4 weeks in now, and I dont feel any better/different at all really. I have read somewhere it can take 6 weeks so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

weller7104 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:37:14

hi last October after months of waking up in a start, covered in sweat, 3 or 4 times a night, desperate urge to have a wee for a few minutes,then waking up feeling exhausted when my alarm went off, I decided something had to be done. Like others have mentioned here I had sworn that I would never take HRT, but I felt like a zombie, no energy, just not me. After just one week I felt like my old self full of energy, all day flushes gone and night sweats down to one a night. I'm 48 and intend to wean myself off HRT in next year or so but the few times I've cut down to one tablet every couple of days the symptoms return. I have put on a bit of weight but don't know if its the hrt or just middle age spread. Anyway if I had to choose between weight gain, and a slight increased risk of cancer I'd still choose hrt over the terrible, depressed way I felt.

carole1910 Sat 05-Jan-13 13:37:03

Have been on kliofem for 10 days now again (was previously on for 3 years and stopped suddenly last Oct to see if Menopause over - i am 54) but really bad hot flushes and night sweats came back within weeks. No effect at all at the moment positively - feel very angry and depressed and my calves ached like hell the first few nights, but that is thankfully gone. I am so anxious for this to work again and afraid it may not now as reading others stories it seems to have kicked in very quickly if it is going to. Will keep you informed for help of others like me. Just had conversation with a friend who is one of these saints that "put up with it without any chemicals" - she would never have done so if it was so bad. I have severe sweats - I mean pouring sweats which I have to towel off - about every hour or so day and night. These are followed by a few minutes of shivering and cold - it helps to towel the skin as wet skin will cool quicker I am told, and that has worked a bit for me. It wakes me up and I have then to drink a little and almost always have to have a pee. My husband has witnessed that I have hardly any sleep and about 4 am I just give up and read my book. I hope this is going to work but still feel a failure for not persevering as many other saintly women have! I do feel, however, that given this severity most women would not have seen it through. Everyone is different and it is not helpful for others to make us feel like failures!

MrsTigger71 Sat 05-Jan-13 13:43:48

carole1910, no one should make you feel like a failure. Your symptoms sound extreme and I don't think anyone would be able to deal with what you're going through without some assistance!

I personally think that you're very brave to take something to assist you in your menopause, it's not a game where the more you suffer the better you are. For goodness sake, don't be a martyr ~ if it helps take something! I'm 41 and had a total hysterectomy at 40, so I have to take HRT otherwise a whole host of other problems and issues would arise ... does that make me a failure too?! Of course not, be proud that you are taking something to alleviate your symptoms. Hope that they kick in soon and you feel better x

MissBoPeep Sat 05-Jan-13 14:01:26

Why are you so angry? Many women take HRT- it's nothing to be ashamed of or think you are somehow inferior. Maybe you need something stronger this time and not the same prep you had before. Have you been back to your dr to talk about this?

moonbeam1211 Mon 07-Jan-13 11:47:14

I has my op on the 27th Dec '12, took Climaval Oestradiol valerate 2mg two days later, how long will they take to work, feel miserable, very tired, constantly hot, and sick, just want to curl up and die, plz help x

MrsTigger71 Mon 07-Jan-13 20:09:34

Sending thanks in the hope that they will make you feel a little better. Sorry to hear that you're feeking ill, have you been checked out to make sure it isn't an infection that you've picked up? I had an infection after my hysterectomy. I was put on patches immediately after my op, in fact if I remember correctly I woke up from surgery wearing it, so I never had any menopausal symptoms. xx

moonbeam1211 Tue 08-Jan-13 13:12:37

I have been on 2 different antibiotics, one off which I came off as it made my stomach burn,, sometimes I feel ok sometimes then I lie in bed just wanting to cry, is it the normal xx

carole1910 Sun 13-Jan-13 08:53:47

3 weeks and it started to work at last! I feel much better and hardly any symptoms now. Could not go back to drs, as somebody asked, so soon, as GP said give it a month! Thank you for the kind words also. I feel so much better now and I just ignore the martyrs now. HRT is an amazing invention, and i will stay on it as long as I have to. I will probably give it a couple more years and then try a slow withdrawal to see if the menopause symptoms have finished, but if not i will return to it now knowing that in a couple of weeks it will kick in. i hope this helps others.

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