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How long does it take HRT to start working?

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higgle Wed 12-Aug-09 11:28:54

My GP prescribed me Kliofem on Monday, strted taking it yesterday ( Tuesday) my only menopausal problem is hot flushes and they are driving me mad - how long will it take for the effects of the HRT to kick in? desperate to see an improvement. Also does anyone have any good or bad experiences on this drug?

MichelleC69 Wed 10-Oct-18 20:45:37

@queenofthenights yeah I guessed it would take longer than 6 days but bloody hell, 3 months?! I just want to sleep for a straight 8 hours without the aid of a bottle of wine, and for my husband not to divorce me before our 1st anniversary! wink

Overit68 Mon 12-Nov-18 10:34:57

Hi ladies just joined this group.
I’m a mum of 3 grown up children.
I am not in menopause and it’s absolutely hell.
Moods, anxiety, hot flushes, night sweats list goes on.
I have a brilliant Dr that is helping me to get on top of it.
He did saliva tests and found my hormones all over the place.
I have horrible morning anxiety and my results showed the hormone cortisol is very low which also causes anxiety, depression and extreme fatigue.
So I have 2 things going on all hormone related.
Iv been on hrt a month and still feel no different and think I’m losing my mind.
Any other ladies have this? I’m so scared I will never be normal again 😢

Rachelover40 Mon 12-Nov-18 10:40:04

2 weeks.
I was on it and after two weeks there were no flushes. The rate of flushes went down during the two weeks of course but when I reached the fortnight mark, there were no more peri-menopausal symptoms.

When I stopped taking it it was two weeks before the symptoms came back, just flushes. Weren't too bad, manageable. On the whole I was better without HRT which regularly gave me migraines.

Now it is 'all over' I'm fine and glad not to be on the drug but when I went on it, I had a high profile job to which I had to travel a fair way and back, and didn't want anything that would impede or make me conspicuous in any way. Nice not to have excess hormones in me now, for a long time.

Overit68 Mon 12-Nov-18 12:11:16

Thanks Rachel, iv tried for 4 years to manage without out hrt. I find the older I’m getting the harder it is and getting more symptoms.
I also can cope with flushes but night sweats are shocking and the low mood and anxiety is the hardest for me. Might go back to my Dr as I feel no different after a month 😢

Munty49 Tue 13-Nov-18 14:41:58

Hello there, I am new to this group too. I'm at the end of my tether too. I'm 49 and I have never experienced anything like this, it's horrendous. I am having 1-2 hot flushes per hour so have not slept for weeks. I also have a permanent headache but this could be lack of sleep. My Dad died 4 weeks ago today and I thought it was related. I begged for a GP appointment yesterday, drove to the surgery, cried in front of the receptionist when she said it was not urgent - I couldn't wait for the "non urgent" appointment I had made for next week. I then saw the most amazing GP, she said hormone tests are not accurate as it depends on so many factors. She let me cry, she listened to me and prescribed me HRT after taking my blood pressure. I took my first HRT tablet yesterday (Estelle duet 1mg) and the second one today. I am desperate for them to work - I have read good things on this thread about them so fingers crossed. Overit - go back to your GP and don't take no for an answer, you need HRT. Sleep deprivation is dangerous. Good luck!

Munty49 Tue 13-Nov-18 14:44:02

Sorry Overit, you already are on HRT. See, my attention has gone too.

Knobblyfingers Tue 13-Nov-18 23:15:36

Hi, another newbie here. I am 53 and it's been 13 months since my last period. I stuck on my first Evorel Conti patch last Wednesday after thinking about HRT for a few months. Main reasons for wanting to try it are sleep deprivation, anxiety, really low mood (and occasional rage) and loss of libido. Family history of osteoporosis is a big factor in my decision too.

So far I feel pretty good, more energetic and I've laughed more this week than I have in months. Sleep is different, getting a bit more I think and very vivid dreams. I don't feel nearly so tired so that probably helps with my mood too. I've had a few more hot flushes this week but I had been having very few in the last month so I've noticed them more.

Doctor wants me to go back after 4 weeks to see how I'm getting on but so far so good.

Overit68 Wed 14-Nov-18 03:33:18

Seeing my Dr tomorrow. Spoke to a friend that is a pharmacist and said I should be feeling better or notice a change after a few days.
Have spent the last 5 days in tears, thinking I’m going mad.
Found a amazing website by Dr Louise Newton, she is a menopause specialist and has worked wonders for hundreds of women. Great advice ect. But she’s in the UK, I’m in Australia, or I would be going to see her.
But my Dr is very experienced in hormone replacement and a friend so hopefully he will try something else. Fingers crossed and it’s so positive to read all you ladies that are feeling better.
Iv never felt so bad but hopefully that will change 🤞

Rachelover40 Wed 14-Nov-18 05:53:39

2 weeks.

Munty49 Wed 14-Nov-18 13:57:21

Day 3 on Estelle Duet 1mg and today so far I have only had 3 hot flushes - usually 1-2 per hour.. And last night I had a dream (first in weeks) which meant I must have slept for at least 90 minutes without waking up so something is happening. I still feel exhausted through lack of sleep which is making me emotional too - to be expected I guess. But this slight improvement is giving me hope at last.

whynot93 Mon 19-Nov-18 09:55:25

Day two of Evorel Sequi patches, night time sleeping has become so difficult with constant night sweats and my mood is completely flat. I'm actually scared of what I've become..! The GP was understanding and didn't really question my decision to try the patches and left me feeling hopeful if nothing else. Anyone else feel like old age is creeping in? I'm 46 and had children late in life so I have to keep up with them all the while feeling bloody shocking quite frankly. I'd say this has been creeping up on me for the past 2 years and has got increasingly worse, I really hope to see some sort of improvement soon. Patch no.1 went on Saturday.. wish me luck 🙌

Munty49 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:39:26

I so sympathise with you all. I am on day 8 of HRT Estelle Duet and whilst the hot flushes are so much better during the day, they are still hourly at night waking me every time. I'm so exhausted, I've researched this frequency and have found out that stress can increase hot flushes by more than 5 times (my Dad died last month).
I've been in menopause since the summer (when I had my last period) and been perimenopausal for a couple of years. I now understand that I have to be patient, try and take it easier. It is so hard, my children are 15 and 17 and I work daily . I have learnt to say no to everyone and put myself first. I have also told everyone including both the companies I work for. I truly feel like I've lost myself and seem to cry daily but this is so not like me. Today I'm going to get my Yoga book out and revisit that. I've been taking sleeping tablets but they don't work, just give me a headache. I am determined to get me back and it's good to hear from those of you who have done so as I need hope! Sorry long thread!

Munty49 Mon 03-Dec-18 14:27:19

Day 22 of Estelle Duet 1mg - still no relief at all from night time hot flushes. Just called GP and discussed increasing dose as a "boost" as my symptoms increased severely with the stress of my Dad dying. He advised against it referring to long term use but I said I felt I needed to give my body back what it is missing and once I was more settled, I would happily consider reducing the dose. Also day 12-15 brought a big period (?) which I was told to expect at the end of the 28 day packet. And I have had horrendous bloating and headaches. Maybe it isn't for me at all, but then what is? I'm just desperate for sleep. Not sure what he will prescribe yet, going to collect it shortly.

Jow123 Sun 10-Feb-19 21:19:35

I'm 52 and going through the menopause. I've always struggled with pmt which has included bouts of depression and anxiety. I was actually taking antidepressants for a good few years because of this but have been off them for 12 months. I have recently felt myself starting to slide again and am assuming it's my dipping oestrogen levels? I have a mirena coil and have literally just started taking elleste solo. How long does this take to work and is it likely to help with my mood swings. Hot flushes sleepless nights and working night shifts are all adding to the problem. I actually feel like im going a bit mad to be honest x

LizDav2311 Thu 10-Oct-19 13:35:53

Hi all, new to mumsnet so bear with me! I’ve just started my second packet of Elleste duet 2mg, on second orange pill , had period pains for over a week but no bleed - is missed my last 2 “ natural “ periods so wondering if I will get a bleed ?? Really hoping I won’t as my periods used to be sooo painful, so a bit annoying if I will get a bleed because of HRT when they might have been on their way out- finally !! Anyone had the same happen? Wondering if it’s a pure fluke that I’ve not had a bleed as I’m only one month in

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