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Accidental pregnancy during menopause

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MAO Sat 08-Aug-09 13:15:26

Anyone over 40 and going through the menopause accidentally become pregnant and felt unable to have another child? It's more common than you think. Am doing some research for a piece and would be happy to hear your stories...

expatinscotland Sat 08-Aug-09 13:16:24

Sorry, this happened to be my gran when she was 47 but she had the baby, who just turned 60 last week!

kdk Wed 12-Aug-09 22:59:00

Not really accidentally - but fell pregnant with twins not long after being told that I was going through the menopause at age of 39.

Ended up seeing the same doctor in the early pregnancy unit that had told me I was unlikely to conceive without using a donor egg!

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