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Have had period, then after sex have bleeding and a clot.

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Kally Mon 27-Jul-09 17:59:08

This happened twice in a row about two weeks apart. I had my regular period (nothing unusual) then after I had sex I was bleeding and out plops this rather large clot. The bleeding stopped so I thought it might just be 'left overs dislodged'
Then after sex (about a week later) same thing happened, bleeding then another clot. Then after the clot was discharged, nothing, and I am clean again.

I have made an appointment but just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I'm not in pain or anything. Friend said it might be a fibroid. I am 52.

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 22:32:03

Hi Kally- I remember you from another thread but I have name changed.

Hope you get some answers- I wouldn't have thought it was a fibroid - that's an overgrowth of muscle lining in the uterus and they should only bleed when you have a period.

Possible you have a cervical erosion which can easily be treated.

Let us know?

Kally Thu 06-Aug-09 16:46:02

Thanks Merryweather - got in touch with Dr and she said it was unlikely it was a fibroid and probably just the onset of that tricky menopause stage. I am scheduled for a scan and she looked up my smear etc and said all seemed ok on that front... so waiting really for the scan app to come.

Oooo erosion of the cervix????? Yikes sounds painful...hmm

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