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Is it possible?

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sameagain Sat 17-Jan-09 22:01:05

I'm 38 and I feel OK, but have been prone to odd behaviour recently. Have been going out enjoying myself and generally being the life and soul, which is just not like me! I'd put it down to a mini mid-life crisis and having more time/energy to be me since my youngest started school, but a couple of other things have got me wondering:

- Put on 8 pounds over Christmas, but the only place that seems to have got bigger is my breasts. (not sore)
-Suddenly prone to sweatiness that my usual deodorant can no longer cope with. Damp armpits, but not all over sweats. Often coincides with the close proximity of a man shock
-Even more forgetful than usual - I can go upstairs to put something away and not remember why I went, despite the fact that it's in my hand!

My boss "joked" that I was going through the change yesterday and I can't remember what I did to make him say it. Is it possible?

dawniet Sat 17-Jan-09 22:08:48

I'm new here but just found your message and thought I'd let you know I've investigated this on the internet and its more than possible.
I'm 36 and have been having hot flushes and funny periods for a while now and apparently you can go through the perimenopause for anything between 5-10 years before you actually go into the menopause! If you're interested just type in perimenopause and see all the sites it brings up.
Hope it helps

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