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anyone else going through the "forgetful"; stage

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2AdventSevenfoldShoes Thu 04-Dec-08 22:19:24

and if so have you found anything that helps?

3littlefrogs Thu 04-Dec-08 22:24:01

I bought some gingko biloba but kept forgetting to take it.

It has now been shown to be ineffective so probably just as well.

I make endless lists. Keep a notepad and pen handy at all times to write reminders and refer to it frequently.

Nothing helps when you forget the names of your neighbours and colleagues that you have worked with for 10 years though.

BreevandercampLGJ Thu 04-Dec-08 22:27:21


Do you mean something along the lines of....agreeing to go on a School Mums's night out ? Arriving at said venue first as DH has just dropped you there...., wondering where J & S are..........

J&S are last to arrive, DH arrived back at the house he met J&S who were meant to be collecting me.


3littlefrogs Thu 04-Dec-08 22:28:45

Yes - definitely along those lines grin

2AdventSevenfoldShoes Thu 04-Dec-08 22:32:17

I keep forgeeting words, my mind goes totally blank. very strange

Tinker Thu 04-Dec-08 22:34:20

I forget really common-place words or say a similar word. Today I was thinking about when I lose my temperature

3littlefrogs Thu 04-Dec-08 22:39:46

I use the wrong words for things. Oh how my family laugh.................

It is very annoying.

Tiggiwinkle Fri 05-Dec-08 22:40:16

Oh, this is me too. It is really reassuring to hear I am not alone! I always had such a good memory too <sob>.

I find lists are the best way to cope too.

Does it get better, or we like this forever now? grin

2AdventSevenfoldShoes Fri 05-Dec-08 22:44:47

For some reason the other night I kept calling a carrot a tomato blush

cheshirekitty Sun 14-Dec-08 17:18:08

Thought I was going mad or had had a stroke!

Sometimes I am happy I have to wear a name badge at work, or I would forget my own name.

80sMum Sun 14-Dec-08 17:21:47

This thread is very reassuring! So, it's not just me?!

GentleOtter Sun 14-Dec-08 17:23:09

I could not remember ds2's name today and called him 'the little thing in blue cardigan'blush. <terribly tired and of an age emoticon>

Guadalupe Sun 14-Dec-08 17:25:07

Is being forgetful a sign of menopause? I had a hysterectomy in May but I kept my ovaries so should still have a hormonal cycle, though I am likely to get it earlier.

I've been very forgetful recently and have been feeling odd but no night sweats or anything. Sometimes the ovaries go into shock from the op. I hope it's not that, I would rather not have the menopause at 30.

Cammelia Sun 14-Dec-08 17:25:46

I can't remember exactly how long this phase lasted for but I think it passes grin

ladystardust Wed 17-Dec-08 19:19:22

Love this thread!
I can't even begin to remember all the things I've forgotten but not done anything as good/bad as friend who drove to work then went home on bus forgetting she'd driven in. grin
I hold that story as the 'at least I'm not that bad'.
Bad memory is if course great get out for not tackling things I can't face wink

twentyoneagain Mon 05-Jan-09 19:28:15

Always forgetting names or words in the middle of a sentence. I have to retrace my steps after forgetting why I went into a room. I put things somewhere "safe"and then can't for the life of me remember where I put them!

Today I actually remembered to take a shopping list into town with me but still managed to forget to buy everything on it!

honestfriend Tue 06-Jan-09 14:43:14

no answers- been like this all my life and just accept it!

Ecmo Tue 06-Jan-09 14:45:18

erm...........oh what was I going to say........

morningsun Fri 16-Jan-09 22:56:12

ditto twenty~ also go to put something somewhere and find its already there!
had same when pregnant and that got better
<<shrugs hopefully>>

pointydog Fri 16-Jan-09 23:09:57

how old are you lot?

I might be but am not answering until I know how old you are

Earthymama Fri 16-Jan-09 23:14:40

I'm so glad that I'm not alone on MN.....I'm hating this and yonks older than DP so feel the pressure to 'hang with the kids' or whatever it is they say......

Earthymama Fri 16-Jan-09 23:21:49

How old am I?

As old as my tongue but older than my teeth!

In my 50's, though DGC think I'm 21, as did my son until he was 13!! smile

I've had a really tough year in 08 and feel really stressed and as though I've aged loads. I've been trying to be more frugal but the effect on my wardrobe was depressing in the extreme. I didn't realise how much my self image depended on looking 'good'. Though as someone who wore jumpsuits, Lady Di bows, minis, maxis, DM's, leatherminiskirts, biker jackets, hotpants, puffball, ra-ra, I think it was pretty obvious!

Didn't I do well to remember all those.....

pointydog Fri 16-Jan-09 23:24:15

ok, earthy.

I do hope I ma not menopausal

edam Fri 16-Jan-09 23:26:07

Oh fuck, you don't mean I'm going to lose even more braincells in the near future? Am already 10x thicker than I was pre-pregnancy... honestly, if I took an IQ test now, I'd fail. And it's going to get worse? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

pointydog Fri 16-Jan-09 23:26:42

I am still very young you know

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