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I have officially missed a period, is this the start then?

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KerryMum Mon 03-Nov-08 13:08:00

I'm 46.5.


OrmIrian Mon 03-Nov-08 13:12:22

I don't think it is. I've had periods all over the place for about 18m. Missed them completely quite often. Then had 2 or 3 in 6 weeks. But blood tests say no! So who knows. It might be the beginning of the perimenopause. It might not.

46.5 is still quite early so my GP says.

pagwatch Mon 03-Nov-08 13:13:06

welcome to hell grin

I have just had three in a month after a very irregular year. And I am a total fruit loop for much of the time.

I'm 46 and 362/366 ths.

I think hmm

filz Mon 03-Nov-08 13:13:12

I dont think missing one is a sure fine indicator tbh
you need to miss alot

KerryMum Mon 03-Nov-08 13:13:51

that's what I thought. my mum was much later. For the past 6 months or so they've been coming MORE frequently and now I've missed one altogether.

oggsfrog Mon 03-Nov-08 16:47:05

I get times when I have hot flushes for weeks at a time, then they go.

Since I had a d&c after a m/c in 2006 my periods have been very irregular ranging from 10 to 50 day cycles. I also have endometriosis.

I'm currently on day 92 and don't know what the hell is going on as I'm only 42.5.

elliott Mon 03-Nov-08 16:50:13

I'm only 42 and normally very regular (hardly missed any even when breastfeeding!)
Last 2 cycles were 8 weeks and then 3 this the beginning of the end? Will it go on for blardy ages and ages not knowing where I am on my cycle?
Periods have also got heavier and heavier - can get through a super plus in less than 2 hours blush

Mercy Mon 03-Nov-08 17:02:29

I'm 45 and have been having more frequent and heavier periods for about 2½ years, together with some night sweats, newly acquired PMT and zits galore.

Btw, the perimenopause is the period (!) leading up to the menopause which is defined as having had no periods for one whole year.

RustyBear Mon 03-Nov-08 17:10:51

I thought I was done with it all when I didn't have one for 4 months last year, but then they came back with a vengeance - heavy, irregular and more painful than before. My last gap between periods (I don't think it qualifies to be called a 'cycle' any more) was 51 days, the one before that 15.
I'm 52 btw

dinny Mon 03-Nov-08 17:11:38

God, KM, I always though you were really young, like under 30!!!!!

KerryMum Mon 03-Nov-08 17:55:57

what is 362/366 mean pag?

I think I have had a couple of hot flashes? What are they like? I've been burning up when it's freezing but most of the time I'm freezing?

And the RAGE that comes over me from time to time. Is that normal? It is freaking me out.

KerryMum Mon 03-Nov-08 17:56:39

I asked gp about menopause, etc. and if there's anything I can take and he just said, nope, weather it hmm

Buda Mon 03-Nov-08 17:57:41

I didn;t have a period for 3 months over the summer then had a normal one, then the last 2 have been regular but MUCH heavier than usual. Am assuming its the start. Am 44.

oggsfrog Tue 04-Nov-08 07:13:34

The hot flushes I get are a tingly/woozy feeling. My whole body breaks out in a sweat, even places like the backs of my hands, and I feel unbearably hot.
I have to sit and fan myself with a paper or something. I bought one of those hand held fans but it doesn't really help.
They last about 5 mins then just go. I don't actually flush with colour, just sweat.

mother3 Sun 09-Nov-08 16:03:00

Every 1 varies.Mine spread 6 weeks missed a month .Then nothing for 2/3 months.Then light then heavy.Gets you confused and your moods you are angry at any thing and every thing..I was as quite tired some time cause of loss of blood (heavy etc).Go back to gp ask too see another doctor.Why should you weather it.Look in to herbal remedies .Black colish is some times meant to help.Holland and barrat.I just got on with it accepted it but every 1 around me thought i was losing the plot.So angry and peed off as as soon as i said some thing i was moaning.I did have tenagers and a hubby(still do) but they seemed to think i was going on even though it was the usal thing with tenagers etc tidy your room get up on time for school etc.I am not that old just had my kids very young.Also had an early menopuse .Glad its over.

KerryMum Sun 09-Nov-08 16:08:02

hi mother3. smile

This is first missed one. ever. I was always 28 day cycle except for during and after pregnancies. Last 6-8 months? they've been coming more frequently? Then skipped October altogether. Wondering if I'm going to get one this month. Making me nervous. I don't want to do this yet. Then I will really feel old. Did you feel that way when you went through it? I'm only 46.5 sad I'm not ready to be old yet....

wheresthehamster Sun 09-Nov-08 16:08:14

We must be twins Rusty! I'm the same age with the same irregularity. I don't think I've had one since the summer so am hoping this is IT!!

I get hot flushes a couple of times a day and often feel light-headed - nothing too bad

piratecat Sun 09-Nov-08 16:09:23

can i ask, sometimes i have had hot flushes at night only.

can this happen? Maybe once/twice a week tho.

MorocconOil Sun 09-Nov-08 16:22:11

Can hot flushes be a PMT symptom during the perimenopause? I've been having several a day in the past week. There's lots of weird viral infections going around, and I'm hoping that's what it is.

I am 42 and really hoping it's not perimenopause. I feel tired all the time and really irritable.sad If it is perimenopause, I don't want to spend the next 10 years in a mood like this.

piratecat Sun 09-Nov-08 16:24:06

hi yes i just looked it up, the perimenopause. I should have put that i am having night sweats, i wake up and my nightie is soaked, esp round my chest. I am nearly 40. sad

i would like another baby, but no chance of that.

KerryMum Sun 09-Nov-08 17:30:02

pc - you can have a baby while in perimenopause it's just more difficult ttc with irregular periods.

squeakypop Sun 09-Nov-08 17:34:42

What are hot flushes like?

I have my thermostat set at 14C and everyone else is freezing. Meanwhile I am wearing just a teeshirt, and at night, I have to sleep with my legs uncovered.

Basically, I feel warm all the time - not sudden episodes, which is waht I would think flushes would mean.

I am 43. AF has fluctuated from 3.5 - 4.5 weeks for several years now.

mother3 Sun 09-Nov-08 17:37:39

Hi kerryMum.Dont think you will feel old .When you are finally out of the menopause is when you dont have a period for 2 years.It does also run through families maternal side if your mum had an early menopause the chances are you might to.piratecat you can still have another baby but ovulation is more prolonged as you are not ovulating every month as much as most women do before we hit 40ish..My nan had a baby in her change she just thought that it was being in the menopause untill she got a little bundle . My nan and grandad celibrated the end of the war being My nan was 40.They called him a war baby they celbrated the end of the war.He was born 9 months later.Never say never!!

cheshirekitty Sun 09-Nov-08 20:15:08

As your ovaries get smaller (as they do as we age), they send lower amounts of oestrogen, which affects the lining of the uterus.

So your periods become erratic, heavier etc.
This can go on for years before you hit menopause.

My periods where still regular, one every month then all of a sudden, no more periods. That was at age 44. Have been period free now for 3.5 years, so have gone through menopause. Still getting night sweats and hot flushes though.

midlandsmumof4 Mon 10-Nov-08 00:16:40

Well, my last period was 8th September-I'm really hoping its the start of the menopause cos I'll be in real big trouble if I'm pregnant as my DH had a vasectomy 19 years ago after the birth of our 4th. I'm 53 in Decemeber btw grin.

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