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How long does a hot flush last?

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bigTillyMint Sun 02-Nov-08 19:09:09

I think I have been having night sweats - waking up with body raging hot, especially chest areahmm, but head normal temp. Lasts for a few minutes if I throw the quilt off!

Also getting them in the day - just last a minute or so, but I don't go red in the face like I have seen others do....

Does this sound like hot flushes?!

wools Mon 03-Nov-08 12:20:07

Hi, I will be watching this thread with interest. I've been having the same thing- waking up very hot and sweating in the chest area. I'm fine after a few minutes but finding this is disturbing my sleep as I find it very difficult to get back to sleep again. I'm 45 by the way.

bigTillyMint Tue 04-Nov-08 08:26:38

Yes - sounds very similar!

cheshirekitty Sun 09-Nov-08 20:16:06

Yep, thats the night sweats.

honestfriend Thu 20-Nov-08 17:31:03

yes- that's a hot flush! Mine were for about 30 seconds and a tiny bit of sweat on my top lip!
I didn't have any til I was 52 and my periods stopped- then started for a few months when the flushes went away too- then they came back.

I have just been on HRT for 2 months and feel great- no flushes at all and sleeping better.

higgle Wed 26-Nov-08 16:15:12

I'm 52 and have had some hot flushes recently. I don't mind the hotness bit - although it is perturbing hanging about in the bathroom trying to sort out my sweaty face so I can get some make up to stick to it. What I really hate is the funny "soemone is walking on my grave" horrid feeling that comes with it - I can best describe it as the sort of feeling you would have if you cut your finger and looked down and saw it was really bad, a sort of nasty morbid panicky shiver deep inside - does anyone else get this? Does HRT cure that too - not sure if I can put up with it for very long.

honestfriend Sat 29-Nov-08 10:56:38

HRT should cure it all!

westendgirl Thu 04-Dec-08 22:23:13

higgle, I love the way you describe that scary feeling that I get just ahead of a hot flush. I think of it as that feeling you get when you slam the front door and remember the keys are inside. Sometimes it lasts quite a long time, probably only half a minute or so, but feels like ages, and I have to remind myself it's just a hormone thing and I'm not really panicking about something.

I've recently been taking copper tablets and found that after a few days I was hardly getting any flushes - perhaps 2 or 3 a night and one or two a day, rather than lots. I stopped the copper and they came back. I'm now experimenting with half a tablet one evening, a whole one the next. It feels a bit odd to take copper, but I read about in a newspaper and tried it as I don't want to take HRT.

higgle Wed 17-Dec-08 16:27:43

westendgirl, only just read your post, off toget some copper tablets to see if they work for me too, getting used to being sweaty and paranoid now though, still not very nice.

kylieone Fri 26-Dec-08 23:54:22

I've just started with these hot flushes during the day and night sweats they are horrible, every one around me is freezing and I am burning up and purple turning off heaters and removing clothing, don't know how much longer I can put up with these, also does HRT put weight on you?

honestfriend Sat 27-Dec-08 12:46:01

HRT does not make you gain weight- you might gain weight as part of the menopasue if you don't exercise and cut down as your metabolism does change- but in fact HRT can help you remain at pre-meno weight, if you watch your diet.
I have not put any weight on at all- and have been able to lose 3-4lbs of the half a stone I put on over the last couple of years, since being on it.

kylieone Sat 27-Dec-08 14:37:14

Thanks for that I am going to the Doctors again as I have always been a size 10/12 and never put on weight but now I feel like a fat thing as I am now a Size 14 I was scared of considering HRT and getting even bigger, I am in a new relationship and we are getting married next year in Cyprus I don't want to end up like a blob but you have reassured me very much thanks xx

honestfriend Sun 28-Dec-08 21:39:32

Kylie1 good luck! Best wishes for your marriage!
I have to say that the pounds have crept on a bit for me but not as a result of HRT- I used to be a size 8, now I am a 10, but round the waist I was edging up to a 12 and as I am short I was looking fatter than I wanted to- with no waist! I have had to work hard at shifting a few pounds, and want another 2lbs to go, but I am pretty sure that HRT is not to blame at all- only been on it 3 months and my weight gain of half a stone built up over a year or more.

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