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Do women change shape/put on weight at menopause?

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moondog Tue 16-Sep-08 21:01:37

As my boss asserts they do.
Or is she making excuses re troughing?

zippitippitoes Tue 16-Sep-08 21:06:32

only for the same reasons as any other time i think

if you eat the wroong foods get lazy and dont stimulate your metabolism enough

i think it can be harder to lose weight but i suspect that is more complacency than anything else

it is p[ossible to lose weoght i lost 5 stone last year and i was 50 last year

i still have periods tho i am on mini pill which seems to have confused things

Donk Tue 16-Sep-08 21:09:53

You may be more likely to put on weight around your middle instead of on your hips.
I am certainly finding it harder not to put on weight than I did pre menopause.
A lot harder.

cocolepew Tue 16-Sep-08 21:11:37

Yep, arond the tummy definately. It's harder to shift as well <breathes in>

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 16-Sep-08 21:12:13

Your metabolism slows down apparently. And any weight you do put on is more likely to accumulate round your middle. I'm noticing both - I'm not eating any more than I used to and I'm exercising more than ever so in theory should be losing weight. I'm not losing but my bum is smaller and my waist is bigger.

moondog Tue 16-Sep-08 21:33:12

And does HRT make you aggressive? Another colleague has turned into a monster since taking it.
Vile word isn't it?

zippitippitoes Tue 16-Sep-08 21:35:17

i know nothing about hrt

i dont really do menopause stuff

i assume if you dont think about it that is the best way

zippitippitoes Tue 16-Sep-08 21:37:50

well i insert a young man at regular intervals

i dont really care whether that is a symptom or a treatment

Donk Wed 17-Sep-08 12:35:28

Aggressive - the mood swings. Oh yes! I never had pmt - then to have it constantly. for months. I thought I was going to murder someone!

Lack of concentration

Memory like a sieve

I feel as though I am losing myself/my mind
(consultant says this is the most common reason people end up at hi menopause clinic)

Some people have no problem with the menopause - others of us however....

girlsnextdoor Wed 17-Sep-08 18:26:16

yes your metabolism changes- I have put on almost half a stone over the past 5 years. (Am 50+) and having to make a great effort to lose that 3rd roll around my midriff.

Zippie- you might be just too young- I didn't "do" menopause either but a couple of months back the flushes began along with my final (???) period- I am 53.

Mercy Wed 17-Sep-08 18:34:55

I haven't so far (45 and experiencing random symptoms for about 2 years now)

I read somewhere that you expend 5-10% less energy with the passing of each decade, so that could account for the middle-aged spread too.

Like Donk I'd never experienced PMT before. I'm very short tempered in the run up to my period now. Poor dc, they are only 4 and 7.

themoon66 Wed 17-Sep-08 18:45:55

I have put on 10lbs without eating any more. The last few weeks I have been hungry and trying to live on 1,000 calories and have only lost 2lb. I run 20 miles a week too.

The fat has gone on around my middle.

I'm 40s

cocolepew Wed 17-Sep-08 18:49:15

I'm only peri-menopausal and I can't shift weight and my PMT is shocking. I was at my DR (for something else) and mentioned this. Her answer? "Oh it's your age". Thanks for that medical insight hmm

Guadalupe Wed 17-Sep-08 18:56:48

I hope not. I'm due to have mine early after a hysterectomy though I'm lucky it's not instant as they left the ovaries.

I can feel hormonal changes and I have put on a few pounds and thickened in the middle a bit. Not sure if that's down to reduced activity.

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