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Premature Ovarian Failure

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GSM Tue 08-Jul-08 20:20:24

I was diagnosed with POF 2 years ago at 34 after about 6 months of no periods/weird hotflushes etc. I managed to fall pregnant and now have lovely baby girl.
However, now symptoms have returned and I am facing the reality of going through menopause at 36.
Is anyone else in a similar situation?

andiem Tue 08-Jul-08 20:24:09

GSM I went through the menopause at 38 I started on hrt pretty sharpish as the symptoms were awful
subsequently I had ds2 by egg donation and have just stopped bf and my hot flushes etc are back with a vengeance sad

GSM Tue 08-Jul-08 20:32:32

Thanks Andiem. How did you handle the emotional rollercoaster? I am getting really down as feel really normal most of the time except for the hot flushes/tiredness/vague spells then I remember!
Did anyone ever give you any idea of why?

andiem Tue 08-Jul-08 21:25:22

GSM my gynae just said I was unlucky no reason why i think that if your mum aunt etc have it then you are more likely too
for me at first I was devastated as we found out because I was trying for dc2 when my periods stopped I thought I was pregnant
when I started on the ivf route the fertility dr said I was very lucky to have ds1 now we have ds2 I feel fine about it all now but that is because my family feels complete now
it wasn't hard to decide to do the donor egg ivf we decided to do it straight away as we knew we didn't want ds1 to be an only one
am pissed off that my symptoms are back now I've stopped bf so will have to go back on the hrt

GSM Thu 10-Jul-08 11:37:24

Andiem - that's exactly what I thought!
Re hrt - I started it in jan(daily testosterone and oestrogen gel and progesterone twice a week) but went off it after a few weeks as I couldn't get my head around it and was convinced I was putting on weight. (I then fell pregnant a month or so later but miscarried at 8 weeks).

What hrt where/are you on and are there any side effects?

andiem Thu 10-Jul-08 12:22:12

I was on femsequi seven which was a patch that I wore and changed once a week so no hassle no real side effects apart from having bleeds
I must admit I wish I didn't have to have those again

mifi Tue 19-Aug-08 22:05:20

I have just been diagnosed with POF aged 37. Although shocked cant say I was suprised as it happened to my mum. I have an appointment to see a gynae to start hrt. Im fortunate as I have 2 daughters, was debating about a third child when this happened. I am a bit confused because although I havnt had a normal period I did have a very light bleed. Can this happen when you have POF?

kdk Sat 23-Aug-08 15:14:52

I was diagnosed as early menopause at age 38, then fell pregnant with b/g twins. Menopausal symptoms returned once I had stopped b/f and I have been on femiston for about two and a half years now.

I still get bleeds now and again - sometimes quite heavy and get 'period' pains (!??) so think anything is possible in the realm of pof/early menopause.

Am due to see consultant at early menopause clinic again next week so will have to discuss whether everything is as it should be ...

No side effects from hrt and at least no or far fewer hot flushes and insomnia.

mifi Thu 28-Aug-08 11:32:11

Thanks kdk didnt realise my insomnia could be linked too, feel irritable and have put on weight a bit did you experience these? To be honest I bought a pregnancy test as symptems are similar. I have a 11 month baby who I conceived in a month so feel a bit shocked it is happening so soon after. I was unsure if you could get pregnant while going through menopause.

kdk Thu 28-Aug-08 18:07:08

I think until you have not had a period for a certain amount of time (one year? two years?) - there is a chance, albeit slim of getting pregnant - I certainly did.

I know my mum, who also went through the menopause at an earlyish age (43 I think) also thought she was pregnant at first.

My periods had been irregular and either really long and heavy or almost just spotting for about a year and my FSH levels were very high -but obviously I was still ovulating. Think it was my last ditch all eggs must go chance and I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot! (Well, I feel that most of the time anyway ... although it has been a very long summer holiday)

Insomnia can deffo be a symptom - and I gained weight although as that coincided with giving up smoking not sure which was the cause or could have been a mixture.

There are herbal/natural remedies which may help - or you could choose to take HRT - try looking at or I know I found both quite helpful.

mifi Wed 03-Sep-08 12:08:16

Thanks again kdk for the useful info and the websites were too. See my gynao next week so hopefully start getting somewhere, hope the extreme tiredness gets sorted as Im finding it tough with two toddlers. How did your appointment go. I was wondering will you discuss this with your daughter later in life because of the genetics?

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