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Are there ANY good books on the menopause?

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Schmauskin Tue 22-Apr-08 06:02:24

'Evening ladies - I'm 39 and in shock that I'm sliding down the menopause slope already. so far no hideous symptoms, but knowledge is power and I want to inform myself of all the 'goodies' in store for me. Can anyone recommend a good guide to the change - please no new age crappy ones.

hls Sun 04-May-08 16:18:55

I'd recommend Your Change, your choice by Michael Dooley. He is a very good dr. he's MY dr! His book gives both sides of the story- natural and HRT etc plus lots of tips on diet, exercise etc.

Schmauskin Mon 05-May-08 18:06:58


ChristieF Tue 28-Jul-09 15:05:06

I've read two. Read Menopause by Miriam Stoppard. Very much a medical book and very full. Quite depressing when you seem to have every symptom. Excellent for knowing that you're not going mad and imagining stuff (like carpel tunnel syndrome). Bought two from a charity shop for 99p each. One for friend. Bought Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here by Jenni Murray (Woman's Hour). I liked this a lot. It had a much more positive spin on the process. Also lots of famous women and how they handle it. Quite comfoting to know that even celebs suffer. Again, buy it from charity shop or on Amazon (reduced) or ebay.

Snorter Mon 28-Sep-09 21:11:52

Try as well.

mablemurple Mon 28-Sep-09 21:21:36

I've recommended this before on MN, but the Menopause for Dummies book is very thorough and readable - you can read it from cover to cover or just dip into the parts that are most relevant to you.

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