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Anyone else experiencing more body odour?

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Holdyournose Sat 19-Jan-08 11:32:34

I have changed my name just in case I am the only one this is happening to...blush

I have noticed that my body odour is getting much, much stronger. I shower and wash my hair every day but by the end of the day, I am really quite smelly under my arm pits. I have tried different deodourants etc but nothing seems to be working. I have never had a body odour problem before. My DH actually commented on it today as well.sad He was not unkind about it, he just said it was most unusual for me. Is this a pre-menopausal thing?

Wags Mon 21-Jan-08 13:51:49

me to.... and I am not just saying that to make you feel better! I am 46 and having an early menopause. Always been a hot body as it were but never a smelly one. Have had to change deodorant to a stronger one. In the summer I was buying those deo wipes and keeping them in my desk at work, so if I walked into town, when I got back I would use the wipes then reapply deodorant. No one ever commented on it and DH said it was fine, but I just felt that the odour had changed and was more aware of it. Those wipes are great for a freshen up. Another friend who is 44 has also said she notices the same and has switched to a stronger deo. But I have other friends the same age who have noticed no difference. Didn't want you all alone on this thread thinking you are the only smelly one grin

OrmIrian Mon 21-Jan-08 13:55:49

Yes. Sometimes I'm 42 so could be heading that way soon. I shower once or twice a day so not dirty. But as soon as I get even the slightest bit sweaty it's really horrible. I even think I can smell it after I've showered but DH tells me I'm imagining it.

When I've been running I stink like a really stinky thing. A friend saw me running past her house the other day and came out for a chat - she must have thought I was mad because every time she came near I edged away a bit further grin

Holdyournose Tue 22-Jan-08 22:30:33

Thank you so much for replying. I was beginning to think it was me only! I think, as I am nearly 45, that this has to be part of it all then. I like the idea of the wipes, so I think I shall start carrying them around with me. Phew!

levelhead Fri 08-Feb-08 19:53:42

Thank goodness it's not just me. I have tried so many different antiperspirants but nothing helps. I have started to wonder of my clothes are tainted and am thinking that I need to go and buy some more tops. So fed up now am starting to worry about going out in case someone smells me!
Please help.

RIELOVESBACARDI Fri 08-Feb-08 19:57:05

has anyone noticed that organic cotton tops make you more smelley blush

sunchowder Fri 08-Feb-08 19:59:37

Here, Here - another smelly 50 year old here! It is for this reason that the older you get the more you lose your sight and sense of smell.

TsarChasm Fri 08-Feb-08 20:01:33

Yes! I thought it was just me. I wonder why? A friend (in her forties) said she'd noticed the same. In her, not me. At least I hope that's what she meant. <paranoid now>

TsarChasm Fri 08-Feb-08 20:23:57

That's it...leave me as the last pongy poster on here! Oh the shame. I'm used to killing threads but did it have to be a personal hygiene one??! grin

alysonpeaches Tue 26-Feb-08 19:39:03

Well, Im afraid I have to say I think I have this problem too. Its not so much arm pits, but Im sure my erm below the waist bits get sweatier and smellier and have taken to washing more frequently. I have to be careful though as soaps etc around the vaginal area give me thrush. This is so embarrassing isnt it? blush

I think my neck and my hair get sweatier too.

Im starting to wonder if the hormonal changes bring about a heightened sense of smell. What do you think?

I know I had this when I was preggers ...

alysonpeaches Tue 26-Feb-08 19:45:16

See number 28 below:

zazen Wed 23-Apr-08 23:59:05

Hello there ladies!
This smell sensitivity happened to me during puberty!
I was offputtingly whiffy - like really sour onions or something vegetal and compost heapy!

I carry a lovely little spray in my handbag now by weleda they make sage, rose and citrus scents. travel size rose spray is very lovely and calming, and fits perfectly in my bag here's the link

I also shower every day and find it helps if I have little or no hair in the armpits. But if I forget to use deoderant - or my crystal stick, oops and I'm walking round like a robot - arms clamped to my sides!! grin

And I also use aloevera wipes if I feel that I'm whiffly in other areas!! blush

I had to change all my duvets and sheets when preggo, couldn't stand the smell of them - and they were quite new - and absolutely couldn't open the fridge door for months(it's clean!!) - I had to leave baking soda in it on a saucer. I was super hyper sensitive to smells when preggo - and at times during my cycle now.

Amazing how our bodies change isn't it?

I'm getting my hair cut shorter and shorter every time I go to the hairdresser as I seem to sweat during the night...

LOVELY! shock Now you know blush

Elibean Fri 25-Apr-08 14:06:06

Heightened sense of smell for sure - I thought I could smell cigarettes in dd's room yesterday (she's 4.5 shock) and it was wafting in through closed window from neighbour's garden. No one else could smell it.

That said, I do remember my step-mother having strong BO for a few years around her early 50s, and not now, so...??

Personally, I don't sweat much even with meno, so not a huge difference - but I do feel 'sweaty' down below more than I used to. Very odd hmm

KerryMum Sun 04-May-08 11:28:49

oh yes, absolutely here too 46 next month

Jan59 Sun 18-May-08 14:50:32

Yes me as well blush
I'm 49, my menopause started in december
I'm not smelly all the time (thank goodness) but when it does I use the wet wipes extra dec and I use perfume a lot more. Shower morning and night with sometimes a wash mid day when hot but hot sweats dont help ya much

I also get sweaty down below but same as above not all the time and I itch where the sweat happens which adds to the problem.

I remember my mum being a bit smelly, now i know why hmm

pixiepip Mon 19-May-08 09:54:58

Haven't noticed a thing and I am 53 now. It i s possible you'll get hotter ,but you shouldn't smell! BTW your sense of smell gets worse after meno- that's why old ladies wear loads of perfume, cos they can't smell it so well- it's a fact, honestly!

NK44114ee0X11fd2ca80d9 Wed 04-Mar-09 18:50:20

Thank goodness it's not just me. I have tried so many different antiperspirants but nothing helps. I have changed soaps on numerous occasions and it still does not help. I can sometimes hear the people at my work whispering and I know it is because of the odor. Somebody please tell me what I can do as I cannot continue to go on this way. It is embarrassing and I use public transportation so by the end of the day it is really foul and I even keep soap and a washcloth at my desk, but it doesn't help much when I wash under my arms as the smell comes back right away. Pleas Help Me. any solutions. what can I do.

veryembarrassedmummy Thu 05-Mar-09 08:03:49

I hate to sound dismissive, but are you really sure this is the problem? It sounds more to me as if it is psychological, tbh.

It takes around 2 hours for bacteria to make clean sweat "smell". If you are using anti perspirant, wash before you use it, wear cotton or natural fabrics ( and wear clean clothes daily), then you shouldn't really smell.

Soap won't make the slightest difference. It cleanses your skin, but it won't sop you sweating.

Roll-on antiperspirants tend to be better than aerosols- just let it dry before you dress.

Lenlen Sat 07-Mar-09 03:39:39

I guess there is really unnecessary smell as you grow older? I noticed that with my father as he aged. But it wasn't necessarily BO...that is. grin

gimmeabrake2 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:00:28

anyone have any idea where to get those deodorant wipes i have heard about??

Julzy8 Fri 11-Feb-11 18:46:28

My problem is that I only smell under one arm - my right! should I be worried that this is something ominous?

Shiner Tue 01-Mar-11 15:00:10

Yes, me too! I started taking the contraceptive pill (as HRT) last year and noticed that I became quite - well, whiffy. It's not BO type smell, rather a very intense personal smell. It's not even the same as the "me" smell I am used to.

I haven't noticed other smells becoming more intense, so doesn't seem to be a change in sense of smell.

Asinine Tue 01-Mar-11 15:10:16

I used to sweat a lot seemingly at random. At first it seemed to be worst when I was socialising although I didn't feel anxious. Then I realised it happened when I'd been drinking coffee ( hence the link with seeing people). Gave up caffeine and now honestly finding that my tops hardly need washing at end of the day. I also feel a million times less narky. Also stopped getting zits and less PMS symptoms. Drink tons of decaff instead so not too antisocial.
It's worth a try smile

Asinine Tue 01-Mar-11 16:20:33

Realised this is menopause thread, not there yet, sorry for butting in.

mom27 Mon 12-Sep-11 19:11:00

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