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Confused about symptoms

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HTruffle Sat 23-Nov-19 17:13:31

Hi there,
New to this board and have been reading many posts with interest. I am 35 and have a two year old who still breastfeeds max once a day. I have had only two periods in just over two years. Went to the drs some time ago who did a blood test and result (is it fsh?) was 51. Blood test repeated six weeks later and result was ‘normal’ (number not given). Advised to wait and see what happened. Eight months on I’ve had two periods and recently having hot flushes several times per night, followed by anxious thoughts and a complete inability to get back to sleep. It’s driving me mad. Got an appointment with the gp in a few weeks. In the meantime does this sound familiar to anyone else’s experience? I’m unsure whether the extended bfing could be an issue but can’t see how it could cause all these unpleasant symptoms.
We have completed our family (2 is plenty for me!!)

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