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Should I come off HRT?

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Jubilation Mon 18-Nov-19 10:55:57

I've been on various HRT tablets (duet and conti types)for a few years now (various reasons including estrogen restarting my periods and supply issues) and about to start a new set. I've just finished the continuous HRT and have a new pack which allows a break for a period as HRT has kick-started my periods and even on a conti version, I'm all over the place regarding bleeding. My doctor suggested having a break to see whether I'm having menopause symptoms still as they weren't horrendous when I initially went on HRT. I strongly feel HRT has health benefits and so will most likely start the new pack at some point. Am I mad to give it a break to see what's happening re my menopause? Has anyone done this and suffered the effects of less hormones? Hasten to add my doctor doesn't think the bleeding is sinister, she thinks it's the HRT and removal of the Mirena coil is the cause but wants to see me in a couple of months anyway.

Thehagonthehill Mon 18-Nov-19 11:02:23

I think if the bleeding hasn't settled then you need an ultrasound to rule out other causes of bleeding.I had erratic ,continuos bleeding and we found I had a uterus full of polyps.
I did come off her when the bleeding got heavy but all the symptoms came back.
After treatment I have a shiny new Mirena,oestrogel and no bleeding(touch wood).

Thehagonthehill Mon 18-Nov-19 11:02:55

Hrt not her.

Jubilation Mon 18-Nov-19 11:30:07

Thanks. When I originally went on HRT and then bled almost non stop for months, I had an internal scan and all was fine. I'd been put on an inappropriate form of HRT for my symptoms. My doctor wants me to keep a record of the bleeding and go back in a month or so but possibly having the break to see what's what. I really can't bear the thought of another Mirena fitting but I think that might be a solution! ☹️

JinglingHellsBells Mon 18-Nov-19 12:03:06

including estrogen restarting my periods and supply issues hmm

Estrogen doesn't restart periods. (If that was the case anyone post meno could use HRT and have periods / fertility again.)

You prob know this, but sequi HRT gives a monthly withdrawal bleed ( like the Pill) but it's not a period.
Continuous HRT is bleed-free but can take months (up to 6) to control bleeding as the 2 hormones settle down.

The most important issues are :

what age are you now?
what age did you begin hrt?
what were the symptoms that made you start hrt?
how far into peri were you when you started hrt?
is the bleeding happening on sequi, continuous or both and outside the normal cycle of sequi HRT.

If you are ppost meno you ought not to bleed after 6months on conti hrt.

If you are not post meno and using sequi, your own cycle can sometimes kick in so you get an extra real period as well as the withdrawal one.

what do you think is going on?

Jubilation Mon 18-Nov-19 14:32:37

Yes I do know this and I think it's a mixture of the latter. One of the doctors at my current practice thinks I may have started HRT a bit early and it kick-started my periods which I'd only not had for six months when I started HRT so it wasn't the full year and still in peri. I'm 55 and started on HRT 3 years ago but put on the continuous and I wasn't ready for that. When I then started the duet it sorted itself out but I've messed it up by then trying the continuous again as I'm still bleeding periodically (😄). Doctor thinks the progesterone isn't holding my womb lining causing bleeding.

JinglingHellsBells Mon 18-Nov-19 14:46:17

If you have a GP who thinks HRT can 'kick start' periods (again) you need another GP! How can HRT possibly do that? It's nonsense. Logically, 70 yr olds on HRT could start having periods again.

Your gp ought to know that on continuous it often takes 6 months for odd bleeding to stop.

If it's more than 6 months on it, they ought to do a scan.

Jubilation Mon 18-Nov-19 15:31:49

See reference to HRT and periods.

JinglingHellsBells Mon 18-Nov-19 16:22:20

Not sure which part of the link you are talking about? (I work as a health writer and write stuff like that on HRT as well as being on HRT myself long term.)

Jubilation Mon 18-Nov-19 16:54:27

It's me who thinks the HRT kick-started my periods as I'd only not had them for six months. I went for a scan and the technician asked why I was there. When I told her about the bleeding and 6 month period gap she said she was seeing a lot of women in the same situation, being put on HRT too soon and it causing bleeding. As I understand it, lack of estrogen is one reason periods become intermittent or cease(one reason, obviously there are others). This isn't really my issue/question. It's about whether to come off HRT and see what my body is doing without it

JinglingHellsBells Mon 18-Nov-19 17:24:47

Estrogen in itself won't cause women who have no eggs left to have periods and therefore stop the menopause.

Bit confused- did you have the Mirena and estrogen as your HRT, or the Mirena as well as?

If you are started on conti HRT too soon, and you have your own cycle kick in as you are not post meno then yes, you may well get a bleed. But it's not the HRT causing it, it's your own cycle.

Interestingly no one HAS to have conti HRT - it's an option.

No one can tell you how you will feel off HRT. Maybe just stop for 3 months and see how that feels.

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