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How long for Sandrena to work?

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HeadsASpinning Mon 18-Nov-19 10:22:54

I've only been taking it a couple of weeks, low dose (.5mg), but so far I seem to have a near constant dull headache, like a mild hangover or someone compressing my head, slightly raised blood pressure and feeling quite flat (but that could be other factors). Does it get better? I was hoping it would help with my memory, concentration and being irritable, although it's hard to know if they are peri-menopause symptoms or just general crap going on in my life currently.

JinglingHellsBells Mon 18-Nov-19 12:05:17

Usual advice for all hrt is 3 months but you might feel better after a couple of weeks.

That's a tiny dose anyway you are on. The starting dose with Estrogel is 2 pumps= 1.5mgs estrogen.

You might want to discuss going up to 1mg. Is there any reason why you were given such a low dose?

HeadsASpinning Mon 18-Nov-19 13:08:20

I'm not sure, it does say up to 2 sachets a day, I'm only taking 1. Maybe I'll try upping it and see what happens.

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