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Prolonged bleeding - do I need to worry?

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ZoomZoomBoom Fri 15-Nov-19 15:42:35

So, am 49 and have been experiencing menopause symptoms for more than 3 years, 3 unsuccessful attempts at HRT (had to give up due to headaches) but things had seemed to settle with less extreme symptoms, including horrible anxiety dying down, and long gaps between periods of 40, 50 and 60 plus days. However, in late Sept had a period 10 days after last period and have been bleeding ever since, more than 40 days now. Sometimes its light but all day, other times its heavy with large clots I can feel passing but there can be no bleeding between this. I have period pain of differing severity every day. Have seen GP and got Mefenamic Acid but that had no effect. Now have another appt but not until next Weds. The bleeding is not constant, there's no pattern to it but I'm worried (and very fed up now). Anyone else experienced this? Is it a menopausal thing and how did it stop?

JinglingHellsBells Fri 15-Nov-19 17:00:49

Your GP ought to refer you for a pelvic scan of your uterus and check it's not a thick lining that needs treatment with drugs or the Mirena coil.

billybagpuss Fri 15-Nov-19 19:46:32

I had this for about 3 months, I should have gone to the GP but didn't, but its been very light ever since, I'm praying I'm done but every now and then it comes back.

CointreauVersial Fri 15-Nov-19 19:53:45

I had this - it was my body's "final fling" and the last period I ever had before the menopause. Went on for about four weeks and left me exhausted and anaemic.

I was prescribed Transxemic(?) Acid, which eventually brought things to a halt, and also had an ultrasound scan, which revealed no fibroids or anything suspicious, just two very shriveled ovaries. Blood tests also indicated I was menopausal. I was 46 at the time.

You are doing the right thing going back to the GP - don't put up with it.

ZoomZoomBoom Fri 15-Nov-19 22:04:27

Thanks for reassurance, was just starting to panic slightly after over a month. I did wonder (hope) CointreauVersial whether this might be my body's final fling. When I first saw GP blood tests confirmed menopause and I was referred to gynaecologist and had a hysteroscopy which ruled out anything then but that was 18 months ago.

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