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Is this likely to be peri or anxiety?

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catanplayer Mon 11-Nov-19 09:10:21

I've been suffering with feeling anxious since the beginning of the year - generally the week before my period. I had been noting it down, so I realised the pattern. Went to GP in May and he thought hormonal so had blood tests (all normal) and he suggested agnus castus - that has done bugger all. I'm tearful, anxious and have vivid dreams the week before my period. However, I'm now randomly anxious at other times in the month.

I struggle with the physical side of anxiety - racing heart, feeling like I can't swallow or breathe, weird fluttering at the base of my sternum. My periods are regular - would HRT help this? Do I even need HRT? My GP has recently retired - hurrah! He was lovely, but never any help for me. I rarely visited so he assumed I don't like medication hmm

JinglingHellsBells Mon 11-Nov-19 15:53:59

Sounds more like PMS. You could look at treatments like a low dose Pill which are sometimes given for this. You might also want to look into CBT ( some courses are online) and things like yoga and mindfulness for the pre-period week. How old are you?

catanplayer Mon 11-Nov-19 16:17:32

47. My GP won't give me the pill as he doesn't like my blood pressure. It's actually fine, but goes high at the GP. I've told him this.
It's a new GP, so I'll see - made appointment for later in the week. I get fresh air and exercise every day.

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