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Thickened uterine lining

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kissmelittleass Sat 09-Nov-19 23:43:42

Anyone had this? I had it two years ago, had a biopsy and D&C and the camera I think? under GA and all was ok.
Then this summer I paid for a ultrasound as I had bloating, pelvic pressure and tummy pains. The scan showed again a thickened uterine lining!
I was referred to hospital where they did a difficult biopsy of lining as I have a tilted back womb and it was very painful.
I was seen a month later and results were not cancer I was told thank goodness!! but they booked me in for more biopsy and D&C in December why I don't know but has to be done?
The doctor said after I will be seen again a few weeks after to discuss either a coil being fitted to thin uterine lining out or a hysterectomy!!
I have not had any bleeding my period stopped in October 2016 but I continued to spot on and off until August last year where I had a light bleed for a week and nothing since I'm 51.
The risk she told me was that a thickened uterine lining could cause cell change and turn sinister. But she assured me I'm fine and nothing sinister now so I suppose it's good they are being thorough!!
I'm scared though anyone been through this and can calm me down smile

JinglingHellsBells Sun 10-Nov-19 12:06:54

Don't worry.

But if you do have questions, you need to ask the drs until they explain and you are happy you have understood what your treatment is for.

Your dr is right that a thickened lining if allowed to grow can in time change and may become cancerous. You ought to have bee told how thick it is , for a start. Normal is under 5mm and thick is over that but a lot depends on how far you are into menopause and if your period in august 2018 (yes?) really was your last one. Did you mean 2018 or this year?

Is this being done privately (the scan wasn't I assume) but was the referral to a recognised consultant (NHS or private?)

It's quite unusual now to do D&Cs- they are considered old fashioned. Why is it being done when they can easily do a biopsy?

This is what you need to ask. Don't consent to anything without a full explanation- it's your body after all.

Are you in the UK?

Reason I'm asking is some years ago there was an identical post here and it was from someone possibly in Australia where the treatment seems different.

For example, it's unusual to do a hysterectomy now unless 100% necessary. The treatment would be the Mirena coil for a thickened lining.

Have they given any reasons why your lining is thick? Being overweight is a risk factor as it means your body produces more estrogen.

kissmelittleass Sun 10-Nov-19 19:41:14

Thanks Jingling.. no they never said how thick the lining was this time and I never thought to ask. The previous time two years ago I was told it was 6mm thick, they did a D&C that time and biopsy and camera too I think.
My last monthly period was in October 2016 but I would go for a few months with no blood and then have a light bleed for a day or sometimes just after wiping . This continued on and off until August 2018 where as I said I had a bleed for a week and I have had no bleeding since then not even spotting.
I am not in UK I'm in Ireland so maybe it's slightly different here I don't know?
I don't like the idea of having a coil inside me it sort of scares me! and I don't think it would be fun to fit with my tilted back womb! but the other option she said would be a hysterectomy and that scares me too!
I don't know what to do for the best, will the coil protect the lining and thin it out to prevent anything sinister? I don't know anyone who had this or had a coil fitted for thickened womb lining. It's the unknown scaring me ☹️
Thanks for reply

kissmelittleass Sun 10-Nov-19 19:43:01

In answer to another question I missed from you, no I'm not overweight I'm 5ft5 and about 8 stone

kissmelittleass Sun 10-Nov-19 19:45:20

Aww!! The scan was private but the referral to the hospital is public so I'm not paying for any hospital visits or treatment

JinglingHellsBells Sun 10-Nov-19 21:55:20

I'm not your dr @kissmelittleass but from what you have written it sounds possible you have nothing wrong with your lining!

If you had slight bleeding for 2 years after 2016, that sounds like peri menopause (and normal.)

Periods in peri are not always the same as periods we have all our lives- they can be really light (spotting) or floods. It's even possible that when you had your scan this summer, you were still in peri.

I'm not totally clear about all your dates but bleeding post menopause is 12 months after a final period ( and a period in peri can be spotting.) From your info here, it's not clear to anyone when your final period was.

A thick endometrium does not give the symptoms you had when you had your private scan. There are no symptoms with a with a thick lining- usually it's bleeding outside normal cycles or post meno. Not bloating or tummy aches.

If your last bleed was in the summer of 2019 you may still not be post menopause.

Obviously I assume the consultant has more info than you've posted but it could all just be peri meno still.

There is plenty online about how to treat a thick lining- either the Mirena coil or a course of drugs.

kissmelittleass Sun 10-Nov-19 22:08:02 bleeding since August 2018 so fifteen months now so I presume that would mean I'm post menopause?

JinglingHellsBells Mon 11-Nov-19 07:23:37

I suppose so but it's only 3 months outside the 12 month guidelines. You need to know how thick the lining is. Some drs go by the rule book- anything over 5mms even if it's just a tiny amount. It depends if it's 5.5mms or something really high like 15!

But I don't know why you have to have another biopsy and a D&C this December. It would be less invasive to offer you a pelvic ultrasound scan to check the lining rather than another biopsy. The usual practise (I've had this done) is scan, then biopsy and hysteroscopy if scan shows thickening.

You need to talk to your dr, find out the details of how thick and discuss it all . Go to your GP who will have been sent all the information from the hospital.

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