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Perimenopause starting slowly

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sniffsneeze Sat 02-Nov-19 09:55:38

Can hot flashes/flushes start gently? As in a burst of heat that doesn't bring on a sweat. I just start to overheat. Awful explanation so apologies.

Period late, 46, not pregnant, joint pain - is this the beginning?

elliehamster Sat 02-Nov-19 09:59:25

Do you mean that it feels like your inner thermostat has been turned up? I am in a similar position. I feel fine then I seem to feel hotter and hotter which can last for 45 minutes or so, I always used to feel the cold but now I feel too warm a lot of the time. I quite like it actually! I don’t have any other symptoms at all, I am 49.

sniffsneeze Sat 02-Nov-19 10:16:04

That's a great way of describing it - yes exactly. I'm usually cold too but now it's me complaining of the heat to my DH and he's cold

sawyersfishbiscuits Sat 02-Nov-19 10:19:48

This is me too. My own full on heating system when I get my period. All other peri symptoms on the go too. FML.

Afternooninthepark Sat 02-Nov-19 10:24:29

I’m also 46 and for the last year or so this has been happening to me. I am normally a really chilly person but sometimes I’ll come over really warm as though I’ve exerted myself. I am also suffering from terrible anxiety, I’m starting to have some nights when I wake continuously on/off throughout the night and a week before my period will wake up really hot. My gp says as I’m having regular periods then I’m not in peri?

sniffsneeze Sat 02-Nov-19 11:10:10

I'm also fighting to keep anxiety from rising. It's like a bubble in me that I push back down. Low mood - I can cry at the drop of a hat. Period has become less predictable and I'm currently six days late. I started my periods at 15 so thought I'd finish them later.

Afternooninthepark Sat 02-Nov-19 13:36:51

Yes, the crying! I cry at anything these days 🙄My friend who is the same age has recently gone on the mini pill and says its helping her. I’ve always said no to meds but I’m really seriously considering it!

sniffsneeze Sat 02-Nov-19 13:59:27

Oh it’s awful isn’t it. It feels so out of control. I’ve been listening to Dr Louise Newsom’s podcast and my understanding is that if you have symptoms you can use HRT for help. I’ll need to do a lot more research obviously but the thought of going back on the pill after ten years off it isn’t pleasant.

stucknoue Sat 02-Nov-19 14:01:40

Sounds normal, started at 43 here, still regular though

Whatsnewpussyhat Sat 02-Nov-19 14:08:01

Its crap. Mine started in late 30's. I can walk down the street in the freezing cold with a short sleeved top on and still feel too hot. Like a Ready Brek advert with the orange glow.

Ginandtonic4all Sat 02-Nov-19 14:14:49

Can I join? Just beginning to wonder if I am Peri too but still having regular periods. Lighter though!

It's the temp in bed and the crying! I have suffered from depression in the past but this feels different somehow. I also thought the being hot in bed might be because I have a new memory foam mattress.

What happens if you go to the docs do you think?

DramaAlpaca Sat 02-Nov-19 14:16:18

That's exactly how perimenopause started for me, like my inner thermostat was turned up a bit too high. No sweats unless I was exerting myself, apart from occasionally during the night.

Also my periods became irregular, my anxiety ramped up & my joints started getting sore. All these hormonal delights started at about 44. It wasn't fun.

I'm out the other side now, ten years later, and feel much better - but my inner thermostat is still a bit on the high side. I haven't taken HRT but it's worth considering & doing your research to see if it's right for you.

amigababy Sat 02-Nov-19 14:23:59

Me too , I've been overheating for about 6 months, I'm 52. I bought rooibos tea and I really think it's helped ( certainly can't harm) .
Still getting periods, though I occasionally skip a month. Absolutely knackered for the 2 days beforehand, literally floored. And then my energy is back to normal.
My sleep's been bad for years, anxiety etc. Either a single glass of wine, or a magnesium tablet, seems to help.
And I got generally quite inactive, a bit agoraphobic, and felt worse, almost stuck to the sofa. So I'm making myself do 90 minutes of something every day - walking, yoga, cycling, Pilates whatever. It's helping physically and mentally.

sniffsneeze Sat 02-Nov-19 16:57:50

Well I'm glad I'm not going off my trolley but sad you're experiencing it too. I've been doing some research for a project on menopause and listening/reading everything I can on it and feel like I've bloody manifested it onto myself.

Other symptoms - headaches, loneliness

sniffsneeze Sat 02-Nov-19 16:59:31

90 mins of exercise is amazing. I'm pathetic

amigababy Sat 02-Nov-19 17:37:12

I don't work so I do have lots of spare time. Plus about 25 pounds to lose ( i joined weight watchers online too)
But it's a half hour walk to the shop and we buy a paper every day ( you can tell we're in our 50s smile ) so that sorts some of it. Half hour on the exercise bike while I read the paper, and I'm nearly done.

I think anything helps, just moving, not sitting.

Kettle28 Mon 04-Nov-19 22:20:57

Describes it perfectly @sniffsneeze

I'm at the start of all of this and had to go stand in the garden yesterday to cool off - I'm usually gloves/hat/scarf in November!

My sister went to the gp with all these symptoms and he diagnosed peri menopause- did blood test and based on symptoms as well.

I take anti anxiety tablets - so not feeling anything there!

But heat and sleep and night sweats! Joyous 😂

Fishcakey Tue 05-Nov-19 07:08:06

Another one here. Nearly 47 and regular as clockwork but anxious, paranoid, getting my words mixed up, ovulation is horrendous, can't lose weight, constantly hot and bothered. Oh the joys!

sniffsneeze Tue 05-Nov-19 07:16:02

So this is it ... oh feck. Period has started with a vengeance, headache awful but heat has adjusted and only had a flush once yesterday. I have no motivation to exercise and I have time. I just can't motivate myself at all. Any tips?

Maybe if we all talk about it on this thread we can support each other?

Fishcakey Tue 05-Nov-19 07:20:12

I keep thinking maybe exercise is key but other than walking the dogs I can't actually bring myself to do any when it comes down to it. Have set the alarm early the last two days and then gone back to bed.

sniffsneeze Tue 05-Nov-19 15:12:32

I always find an excuse not to. I know exercise helps mental health so it’s very frustrating

sniffsneeze Sat 09-Nov-19 13:35:58

Well I’ve surprised myself and gone to the gym. Couch to 5k but I’ve done something. I’ve also been to the Gynae and been prescribed estrogel and progesterone. I’m feeling a bit apprehensive but I think for health the early you start the better _ I think? Although there’s so much info out there who knows?

Kettle28 Sat 09-Nov-19 22:29:54


Ooh - let us know how you find the hormone's you've been given? Interested to hear how they go smile

Well done on the exercise - strong motivation smile

sniffsneeze Wed 13-Nov-19 06:33:42

I haven't started it yet as I can't get hold of my Doctor to tell me the correct dosage. My prescription isn't clear. I'm not UK based so should be able to text her nurse later for guidance.

In the meantime she advised acupuncture so I've had that. Doctor was interesting to say the least. He said menopause could be like a roller coaster and we should do whatever it takes to make it as gentle as possible. The earlier you start the better. All a bit woo for me but i am lucky enough to have this opportunity and I'm in Asia so let's see!

sniffsneeze Wed 13-Nov-19 06:36:58

@kettle are you on HRT? Would you consider it if not? I'm scared of it but will try.

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