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Vagifem and cream

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Alb19 Wed 23-Oct-19 20:14:29

I have been given vagifem 10 and cream to use for vaginal dryness and other problems and am scared to use it, even though I know the uptake is minimal to blood stream. Doctor reassured me that the chances of cancer are minimal but it hasn’t stopped me worrying as I watched my sister die of cancer. I’m also worried about some of the side effects listed eg,hair loss, weight gain etc...

Gemmsb Sun 10-Nov-19 16:00:55

I use vagifem and fantastic results. Stopped using for a while because like you was worried about cancer etc . When I stopped my uti came back . Now starting again in vagifem doing two weeks every day then confronted one a week to see how that works

Alb19 Sun 10-Nov-19 17:59:59

Thanks, I’ve started using it after speaking to doctor at menopause clinic who’s assures me it’s incredibly safe and that in combination with hormone cream is like taking 2 or 3 hrt tablets a year.
I can’t believe the difference in my bladder, I rarely have to get up in the night now, dont seem to be having any side effects so far, just finished the 2 week loading phase.

Boiledeggandtoast Mon 11-Nov-19 07:52:49

I was also prescribed Vagifem back in April for recurrent UTIs (2 or 3 a year since the menopause). At the time, I'd just had 4 UTIs over the space of a couple of months, so was also referred to a urogynaecologist. Since then I've not had any UTIs and only have to get up once in the night rather than several times - it's been marvellous! I too was reluctant to use HRT but both my GP and the two urogynaecologists I have seen have reassured me that Vagifem is very safe, and I have not experienced any side effects.

JinglingHellsBells Mon 11-Nov-19 08:03:02

@Alb19 The leaflet of 'side effects' does not apply to vaginal estrogen. It's a standard leaflet which is put in any hrt product. It includes all the side effects that may apply to systemic hrt. There are no risks with vaginal estrogen (cancer etc) so you are worrying for nothing! Hope this helps.

SpeckledyHen Mon 11-Nov-19 08:13:14

My GP told me that one year’s use of Vagifem equals one oral dose .
I have used it for 2 years , twice a week with no UTIs or discomfort.

Alb19 Mon 11-Nov-19 20:04:04

@SpeckledyHen because I am using it in conjunction with hormone cream she said it was more like 2/3 hrt pills. I was worried as I have breast fibroadenomas and you need to be careful, but doc wrote to breast clinic and said that’s what the put women on if the have suffered from breast cancer as it’s safer.
Thank you for your reply’s.😀

JinglingHellsBells Tue 12-Nov-19 12:47:33

@Alb19 Can you clarify what you mean by using it with hormone cream?

Do you mean you are using Ovestin cream and Vagifem? If so, why both?

There is no connection between breast cysts- which you have had- and breast cancer and yes, you can use vaginal creams/ pessaries.

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