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Office noise

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MIdgebabe Fri 18-Oct-19 08:32:15

I read in today's guardian that channel 4 are trying to support menopausal women and I could not help but notice that they talk about cool and quiet spaces to work

Office noise is driving me absolutely crazy at the moment, but I had never attributed my utter intolerance to menopause. Is this a recognised thing?

It's particularly relevent as our office is currently being redesigned, of course cramming many more people into the same space, and if office noise is a recognised problem for menopause, then at least I can push for a quieter space

nitgel Sun 20-Oct-19 17:49:46

This sounds interesting ! I work in an open plan office and find the noise intolerable off to find the article..

TipseyTorvey Sun 20-Oct-19 17:55:21

Oh this is very interesting. I'm struggling hugely with noise in the office at the moment. Keep walking away with my laptop to find any quiet meeting room.

DramaAlpaca Sun 20-Oct-19 17:56:04

My tolerance of office noise didn't decrease during the menopause, noise hasn't been an issue for me personally. My need for a cool space to work certainly increased though.

CalmConfident Sun 20-Oct-19 17:56:50

Noise cancelling headphones plus bbc sounds or Spotify. Keeps me sane in open plan

madcatladyforever Sun 20-Oct-19 17:59:44

Not much use in the NHS. Its much too hot and there is loads of noise all day long.

whatisforteamum Mon 21-Oct-19 07:39:00

I work in a very hot noisy kitchen so not much time can do.about my environment.That said dh has the tv on loud as.he won't wear.his hearing aid!!.I watch Tv alone on my two nights as noise drives me crazy.s

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