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Newbie to HRT

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cleowasmycat Thu 17-Oct-19 13:11:14


I've been using 1 pump of gel for two weeks but have upped to 2 pumps as I don't feel any better, Also taking progesterone tablets - two weeks on and two weeks off.

How soon should I feel better - should i increase to 3 pumps or wait?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

cleowasmycat Thu 17-Oct-19 20:47:26

Shameless bump...

cleowasmycat Sun 20-Oct-19 15:21:08

So if I don't feel that different is it not working?

Abraid2 Tue 29-Oct-19 17:14:17

Mine took a good week to start making a difference (Oestrogel plus Utragestan). My symptoms subsided but then started to come back, so with my doctor's approval, I increased from two squirts to three of gel.

Some days feel better than others but I am generally a bit more focused and energetic and usually (not always) sleep better.

Emerald13 Wed 30-Oct-19 05:45:20

It takes some time, I started to feel better almost immediately but I saw the full effectiveness after 4-5 months.

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