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Off balance?

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MummaPI Tue 15-Oct-19 22:04:59

Anyone else like this in any way? I'm in peri and often dizzy. Fallen overa couple of times and my ankle went over easily. Worried me that it might be something else but trying to ignore that anxiety.

JoyceDivision Tue 15-Oct-19 22:09:25

I have started getting this!

45, night sweats often, too bed, a vague rage always bubbling that could scare the devil.... Just comes and goes, had it last night walking out of kitchen and felt like I was going to fall backwards and pass out but then in a flash just went

megletthesecond Tue 15-Oct-19 22:11:35

Same! I have so many near misses with door frames.
I can balance when I'm fully focussed, like at yoga. But day to day movement feels rather risky at the moment.

SoundofSilence Wed 16-Oct-19 10:51:17

I had unexplained dizziness a year before other symptoms started showing themselves. It only lasted a few weeks and I didn't realise it was menopause related (if it was).

LuckyElle Sat 19-Oct-19 16:22:38

Ladies , do you if Oestrogel pump-pack 0.06 gel opens your appetite or makes you put on weight ?

Namaste6 Sat 19-Oct-19 19:59:10

No, it didn't for me. The opposite actually. I found that my hormone levels regulate to the point that the imbalanced bloating and meno puffiness went away.

Namaste6 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:00:55

I meant 'regulated'. 🙄

LuckyElle Sun 20-Oct-19 12:05:36

@Namaste6 that's a relief to hear ..
do you know how long I can take the gel , indefinitely?

LuckyElle Mon 21-Oct-19 08:36:43

I've been using Estrogel Pump for 5 days
I'm very tired and I want to sleep all the time
Is this normal ?

CrotchetyQuaver Mon 21-Oct-19 08:40:07

Yes I had this, frightened me to death. It can be symptoms of a vitamin b12 deficiency so I started taking Jarrow vit b12 and it stopped thank goodness.

Namaste6 Mon 21-Oct-19 10:00:50

Yes OP - indefinitely. We have estrogen receptors all over our bodies and need this hormone to function properly. Check out Liz Earle's well-being page and Dr Louise Newson on Instagram. Just make sure you get the right level of HRT advice for your particular needs. That may take a private menopause specialist but very worth it in my opinion. Wishing you well. 🙏

swingofthings Mon 21-Oct-19 18:15:30

Oh yes! It was so bad, with dizziness, lightheadness, nausea, and then the balance issue. I remember the first time it really hit me, I was running on the treadmill, something I had done every week for years, and all of a sudden, I felt like I was going to fall off, couldn't run straight, I felt totally disorientated. It was horrible, and it was the first time of many other times to the point I had to give up running indoor. I also started suffering from terrible tinnitus.

It got so bad that I was referred to an ENT with suspected Meniere's disease. This was dismissed but was still sent for a head MRI, thankfully all normal. It went on for months, and only got better as I got closer to the full on menopause. I'm now fully on and most of it is gone, I only feel a bit dizzy at times, balance is totally back to normal. The only thing I'm still left with is the tinnitus although again not as bad as what it was then.

LuckyElle Tue 22-Oct-19 19:48:33

Since I've been very tired taking 2 pumps in the morning I'm going to start tonight Instead.
Also what I've realised that I'm more calm and rye rage has gone and in only 6 days .
It's incredible.

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