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Can perimenopause cause digestive issues?

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Afternooninthepark Mon 14-Oct-19 17:27:16

I’ve not had luck much with my last gp and have changed surgeries (seeing new gp next week).
I’m 46 and for the last few years I have been progressively getting more and more perimenopause symptoms:- major anxiety, very heavy periods, migraines during periods, night sweats a week before period, no libido, vaginal dryness, broken nights sleep, moodiness, really bad pms etc.
Last gp says as I am not having regular hot sweats and because I have regular periods then I am not menopausal (not sure he was even aware of perimenopause!!).
Anyhow, the anxiety is one of my worst symptoms along with awful, awful digestive issues, I am having really bad episodes of heartburn, fullness, almost constant burping, grumbling and gurgling guts, bloating and loads of gas in the evenings. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in July and 5 weeks later had a follow up with a gastroenterologist. He said everything was ‘normal’ and basically it was IBS, I asked if perimenopause could be causing it he said ‘probably!’, didn’t offer any other advise and discharged me - great!!
Anyone else suffering from digestive issues during this time?

StellaRockafella Mon 14-Oct-19 20:17:27

IBS isn't normal. It's also just an umbrella term for a variety of different issues so am really surprised your gastroenterologist wasn't more helpful.

Digestive issues and perimenopause go hand in hand. At a minimum, drink lots of water (2 litres at least) and take a probiotic every day (preferably one in a capsule and not in dairy). Cut out sugar entirely. Then it's about working out what's best for you. Low carb diet is generally advised along with limiting/no dairy. If you can afford it, go see a nutritionist.

Hopefully your new GP will be more sympathetic and helpful, and if they're not, keep trying until you find someone who is.

Toomanycats99 Mon 14-Oct-19 20:20:51

This is interesting- I am 47 and have been having bloating, very gassy a while ago. I have had ultrasound - enlarged uterine but nothing major. and I think it might be food intolerance related - seems so odd to develop at this age though!

Afternooninthepark Wed 16-Oct-19 11:06:02

Sorry, just to clarify, by ‘normal’ I meant the endoscopy, colonoscopy and biopsies all came back normal.

ByTheStarryNight Wed 16-Oct-19 21:54:50

I read that indigestion is a symptom, yes. I have a lot of reflux and fullness, if I bend over to pick something off the floor, I sometimes breathe in the acid that comes up. I'm still trying to get my gp to take me seriously even though I have a list of perimenopause symptoms as long as my arm. Apparently the gp thinks I have, in no particular order, subclinical hypothyroidism, anxiety, ibs and GORD. Or, as I'm trying to convince her, all these things and more that started in the last year/two years are perimenopause. But I'm 39, so she won't even consider it.

Kettle28 Thu 31-Oct-19 19:45:27

Wow - I assumed my recent intolerance to dairy (and Ibs style symptoms not being helped anymore by meds I've been on for 20yrs) was an unfortunate later in life allergy (I'm 41!) reading this thread though - it maybe another thing to add to my list!

FuntimeFranky Fri 01-Nov-19 21:39:52 I saw this video on YouTube today about the hidden signs of endometrial cancer. Digestive issues are a common sign. It’s unlikely anyone who has posted here has it, I’m not suggesting that for a minute but I thought it was worth posting as knowledge is power.

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