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minesatea Sun 13-Oct-19 12:45:22

Hello I am suffering really badly with anxiety during the menopause.
Does anyone have any tips for dealing with this? Any herbal recommendations?

Kahlua4me Sat 19-Oct-19 23:44:12

Hello minesatea, I have had bad anxiety since peri menopause started. Never had problems before so it was a real shock to me.

Firstly I had palpitations and was frequently at a&e as thought it was my heart! Then once it was decided that all was fine and one doctor suggested it was peri menopause all the other little symptoms fell into place.

I seem to mainly have health anxiety, although have also worried about driving, dc being ill, not sleeping, etc etc etc. The health anxiety is by far the worst one of the lot and I spend a lot of time some days worrying about this pain and that pain....

Pilates seems to help me as it gives me an hour each week just for me. I love the stretching as it calms my body and mind.
I also try to stick to a routine as much as I can as that helps to keep me grounded and I like knowing what is happening when. This is very different to how I used to live when younger.

A good diet is essential too for keeping everything working as it should.

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