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Hot flushes suddenly start after surgery

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glosbucks Sun 13-Oct-19 07:54:04


Please can someone help. Is it normal for hot flushes and lack of sleep to start very suddenly? I am 47 and periods have been erratic and cycle lengthening for the last three years after always being very regular. Sometimes up to three months between periods. No other real peri symptoms, but I thought it was the start of peri menopause. Three weeks ago I had shoulder surgery and GA. Since that day I have had lots of hot flushes day and night and wake up really early as well as through the night when I am literally dripping with sweat. I haven't got an infection.

Presumably this is peri menopause but is it normal that symptoms suddenly start. Is this likely to stay like this or could the hot flushes go again. I'm going to go to GP and find out about HRT as this is unbearable but I wondered if anyone thought this could be temporary and due to GA?

Thanks so much for any help!

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