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Re peri menopause symptoms

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Killymum Sun 06-Oct-19 22:09:46


Just wanted to hear if anyone has experienced same and what tried to alleviate symptoms.

I am 48 years old I have been having periods still 5 days to six but lot lighter after having an ablation several years ago.

I am getting sweats at night that drench me and they are not every night , I also get hot a lot during the day , I am more forgetful and my husband swears my hearing not great and have been getting dizzy (I believe around week or so before due on ) I had anxiety for other reasons recently but seems to get worse at my period time .

The last symptom worried me as I was talking to my husband and it was like I couldn't get the sentence out I couldn't work out how to say my thoughts have any of you suffered this.

I'm hoping someone will tell me I'm not going crazy .


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