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Frederik33 Sat 05-Oct-19 16:17:57

Hi just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share their experience.

A bit of background I am fifty and lost my husband suddenly last August. We have two kids 14 and 11.

Am working part time but also looking for additional work so atm spending a lot of time indoors staring at job ads on my phone.

After my husband died my daughter fell ill with hsp and all in all my energy levels took a massive hit. Around Spring however they started to improve.

I suffered awful periods for years and was sent for an ultrasound the upshot was there were no abnormalities it was just my age.

Last period was in April so am assuming and indeed hoping that I will reach menopause next Spring but obviously don't know yet.

I haven't had any other bad sx but generally atm feel super tired and washed out.

I am wondering if those of you who have reached menopause could be so kind as to share what your year leading upto menopause was like oh and does it get better afterwards!

JinglingHellsBells Sun 06-Oct-19 18:18:03

Hi Didn't want to read and run and see you have had no replies.

I'm really sorry to hear about your loss.

Have you been tested for anaemia? Might be worth asking.

I was lucky not to have heavy periods and in the years up to my final period I felt okay most of the time though a bit 'ranty' (but did have 2 teens at home.)

I went onto HRT almost as soon as mine stopped as I was sleeping badly and getting tired.

Maybe see a knowledgeable dr if you can and discuss what might help?

Frederik33 Sun 06-Oct-19 20:38:26

Hi thanks so much for your reply I really appreciate it.

Yes I am sleeping badly and also anxious but it is confusing as both of those things are side effects of grief and menopause!

Thank you so much for your reply I feel less alone.

JinglingHellsBells Mon 07-Oct-19 08:24:34

It must be so hard for you and it's so soon since your DH died- so sorry for you.

Have you thought about HRT? Maybe that would help even if you only took it for a year or two.

If you see a dr please don't go down the AD route which some suggest because NICE has issued very clear guidance for them saying they are not the right treatment for menopause symptoms alone.

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