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News on HRT shortages

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princessTiasmum Wed 02-Oct-19 23:41:13

On the main news today, 84% of pharmacies have no HRT available, Diabetes meds also affected badly and contraceptives,
It is disgusting that this is happening, and no sign of when it will end angry

rosie39forever Thu 03-Oct-19 19:35:37

So it turns out hrt and other drug shortages have nothing to do with manufacturers, because the pound is so weak wholesalers have been selling drugs purchased for the nhs back to the eurozone and making a tidy profit at the expense of the people they were meant for.
Surprise surprise it was all about money!!
Thankfully it looks like the government is attempting to put a stop to it so hopefully supply will be resumed.

princessTiasmum Thu 03-Oct-19 21:17:51

Absolutely disgraceful, i hope this is sorted sooner rather than later
Money again is at the root of it, what a surprise, angry

AnnParm Tue 08-Oct-19 13:01:04

I have 2 in date, unopened, sealed boxes of Evorel Sequi which I can’t use anymore. If anyone wants them I’d be happy to post them. I don’t want to return them to my pharmacy as I know they will destroy them, which seems such a shame when they’re so hard to get hold of at the moment.

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