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So don't be shy list your meno symptoms.....

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LoreleiRock Wed 25-Sep-19 03:52:16

I am a little impressed and a little surprised that you recognise these symptoms. How long did you experience these things to associate them with menopause. I tend to assume that random weirdness is just that and don’t put a label on it. Do these symptoms last to the extent that it becomes obvious that it is attributable to the menopause?

sashh Wed 25-Sep-19 03:33:24

Not Meaning to be smug but giving hope to others.


My periods went from monthly to 3 monthly, light, nopain then stopped.

jaffacakeany1 Wed 25-Sep-19 03:12:24

ALL OF THE ABOVE! All new to me, currently lying here unable to sleep, too hot under duvet, too cold out of it, so then itching and twitching all over. Also have become more outspoken, I don't seem to care about saying the wrong thing and upsetting people (I actually secretly quite like this new trait!)

Rachelover60 Wed 25-Sep-19 02:11:18

Oh you poor things! My peri menopause didn't cause any of those symptoms except flushes and they weren't too bad. If I'd had those problems I think I would have tried to run away from it :-).

TiddyTid Tue 24-Sep-19 23:53:39

Jelly belly
Night sweats
Sore nipples (never has these before)
Weight gain
Heavy but very short periods

changeitis Tue 24-Sep-19 23:52:28

Hair went wavy overnight
Constipation and terrible terrible bloating
Spots went until HRT. confused
Zero libido (better with HRT)
Seriously hating my actually very nice DP. Just him though

That's around a two year gap before HRT. I thought I was going mad.

Kahlua4me Tue 24-Sep-19 23:41:02

I was going to write about random itching and then saw iklboo had already written it!

I have all of the above except no rage and currently having periods every 3 weeks..

My worst one at the moment is health anxiety. I ricochet from one terminal disease to the next, often with no break in the middle. Every ache or twinge I get “must be serious”, even though there are lots, they are completely random and all fit in exactly with peri menopause!

iklboo Tue 24-Sep-19 19:59:29

Homicidal rage over trivial items
Itching, especially at night
Appetite fluctuations - from none to ravenous

VivLevi Tue 24-Sep-19 19:56:53

Not just the well documented meno symptoms but the little things happening to you that you can only attribute to the peri/menopause years
So starting with the obvious....
Chronic early morning wakening up
The hot flushes
Bleeding gums
Hair thinning
What feel like period pains but no period ever appears
Aching back
Aching shoulders
Headaches that would rival any hangover
Constipation then loose stools the back to constipation
Dry mouth
Weird burning crawling sensations on skin
Really dry skin plus the odd crop of spots
Anxiety around stuff that would never normally bother you
Weight gain despite eating healthier than previously
Low tolerance to alcohol
Chin hair
Forgetting names and words mid sentence or using the wrong word
Despite being blonde sprouting some really thick black hair around my hairline.
Anything else?

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