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Periods every 2 weeks for last 2 months

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Blahblahblahnanana Sun 15-Sep-19 12:48:34

Hi, I’m mid 40’s and in June my period was approx 2 weeks later than usual and since then I seem to be having one every 2 weeks. My last one finished at the end of August and I’m spotting again today.

I’m worried as everything I seem to read around the menopause talks about late or missing periods, not more regular ones. I also had a rare type of cancer 8 years ago which gives off the HCG hormone (side effect is bleeding) and I’m starting to worry it could be that 😔 (I’ve contacted the hospital I was under to ask for a test as I’ve not had one for ages and I’m suppose to be monitored for life).

So my question is, can it be normal to have periods more closely together perimenopause?

Papergirl1968 Sun 15-Sep-19 12:54:26

I bled heavily with loads of clots for virtually the whole of one summer in my mid 40s. Literally a few days off then it started again. But then my periods more or less stopped. A few very light ones months apart and that appears to be it.
However I’d get checked out given your medical history.

ThelmaDinkley Sun 15-Sep-19 12:55:31

Yes I think it can. I’ve had some every couple of weeks and now they’ve spaced out longer. I’m nearly 48. My GP wants me to have a scan though so I would contact your dr for advice especially given what’s happened before.

Blahblahblahnanana Sun 15-Sep-19 13:02:34

Thanks for the advice. I’ve contacted the hospital to ask for a HCG test, and will go see the GP this week.

I was waiting to see if this month went back to normal but looks like it hasn’t.

swingofthings Sun 15-Sep-19 13:14:37

the same happened to me, twice a year apart. First time had all the tests done to rule out anything worrying. Second time I knew what it was. It was indeed the perimenopause. I was 45ish. It took 5 years from the first odd period to the final 12 months no bleeding at all.

Blahblahblahnanana Sun 15-Sep-19 13:35:42

@swingofthings do you mean they were closer together for a while, before they became less frequent? Were the tests just blood tests or other diagnostic tests?

MadamBatty Mon 16-Sep-19 07:10:36

I had this when It was discovered that I had many giant fibroids. Maybe get it rated, don’t be robbed off. I was told it was normal to bleed more heavily until the day I needed 4 pints of blood!

Blahblahblahnanana Mon 16-Sep-19 21:11:42

@MadamBatty I did have some gyny issues over 10 years ago, and some polyps or fibroids (can’t remember which) were found after a laparoscopy, the consultant at the time wasn’t too concerned about them, so I’ve not thought about them due to the other health issues I’ve had.

I had a very rare form of cancer a couple of years later (not related to the fibroids/polyps) and i’m not actually sure what’s happened to them as no one has mentioned them since, even though I did have another laparoscopy to diagnose the cancer and I never thought to ask. So, I guess it could be them causing issues, as I do have heavy periods. So will mention that along with my history as the intense chemo regime was on can trigger early menopause.

Thehagonthehill Mon 16-Sep-19 21:22:31

There is no hard and fast rule.I stayed regular until a I bled non stop for months,some heavy some late.

If you go to your GP you should at least have an Ulta sound since you know you have polyps.And chase up your cancer follow ups.

Blahblahblahnanana Mon 16-Sep-19 21:45:21

@Thehagonthehill think you’re correct about there being no rules re the menopause. I could do without all this right now, periods have been the Bain of my life. They were horrendous when I started, and looks like they’re going to go out kicking and screaming too! FFS! 🥴

kingfisher90 Tue 17-Sep-19 19:27:49

My period finished the end of August too and I started bleeding last night.
I saw my GP today, I’m 45, I’ve today had a swab test and I’m booked for an ultrasound which should be in approx 2 weeks. (I’ll decide if I can wait that long when I get the swab test results back)
Everything today she said looked ok, she had a good look & feel and she was very lovely considering the circumstances.
She suggested perimenopause, which I’d never heard of, I just thought you went straight in to it 🙄

She said if it was this, then this may be how it will be for a while,
I’m glad you have rang the hospital blah blah.
Please come back and say how you are, I’ve read so many posts tonight and many posters don’t update.

tomboytown Tue 17-Sep-19 19:34:38

From what I can gather periods will be irregular, that means they can do anything, heavier/lighter/more/less frequent
Gp told me any unusual bleeding still needs to be checked though.

Blahblahblahnanana Tue 17-Sep-19 21:53:26

My period hasn’t started yet, it was just a bit of pink discharge and I’ve not had anything else since. So going to keep an eye on it and go to the dr’s if it starts this week as it will still be early.

Blahblahblahnanana Tue 17-Sep-19 21:55:07

I go into panic mode with anything period/bleeding related due to the cancer thing. So being anxious probably isn’t helping things either.

changeitis Thu 19-Sep-19 07:26:10

Mine did this this year, maybe 6 months ago. After three times I went to GP.

I'm 43. I had a swab, blood test on day 5 and ultrasound. I have a mirena.

All seemed ok. Doc sent me on to consultant. All this achieved in less than 3 months.

I switched to semi private (lucky me but actually the NHS wait wasn't that bad).

I've seen the consultant, got booked for hysteroscope and biopsy (precautionary) and discussed changing mirena or an ablation.
He gave me vagifem. I then realised my bleeding wasn't mid cycle but periods and I'm very much peri menopausal.

Gone back to Gp and got HRT, had my coil changed.
Starting to feel better generally!

Hope that gives you some info and timeline of what should be happening for you.

Blahblahblahnanana Thu 19-Sep-19 17:38:18

@changeitis thanks for the advice. I’ve not really had any spotting in between, but did have some slight pinkish discharge at the weekend when I first posted my question.

My period in June was late, then I had over 2 weeks of bleeding and then the last few periods have been closer together. The gap between my last one and starting today is 20 days, and I’ve always been around 28 days. So think I’ll try and get into the doctors tomorrow as I feel really tired and weak, so going to ask for my iron levels ect checking as I do have heavy periods.

I’m also at increased risk of starting the menopause early due to having had chemo, I also have fibroids and had a gynaecological type of cancer so probably will end up having some investigations. I’ve been putting off going to the doctor as although i’m probably just peri menopausal, I really don’t want to end up having to have any tests as I think it will take me right back to how I felt when I was being waiting fo be diagnosed as they’re the same kind of tests 😔

changeitis Thu 19-Sep-19 18:05:46

I know how you feel. I had endometriosis surgery 15 years ago and so I was really scared too.

Sorry about your previous health.
I've just started nosing about the menopause threads and that is definitely making me feel more normal!

Be brave and good luck

Blahblahblahnanana Thu 19-Sep-19 18:19:58

@changeitis thank you. How were you feeling before starting HRT?

I’m tired all of the time (exhausted) suffer from anxiety and depression, my memory is poor, I have awful spotty breakouts, and get really bad PMT, but put it down to my medical history ect

changeitis Thu 19-Sep-19 22:55:56

My symptoms are a bit mad! I got the mirena due to endometriosis and flooding periods. It's suited me and no side effects.

I think I had a sex surge starting maybe 4-5 years ago. I didn't think anything of it except yay! Until now when my libido has vanished. Entirely.

My hair went completely wavy overnight around 2 years ago.

In the same time frame I had terrible bloating. Constipation. Really bad. I went gluten free which definitely helps but I got stomach pain regardless of what I ate. Docs said IBS and shrugged. It has been quite debilitating.

Same time frame I got dry down below but didn't think anything of it, eventually no amount of silicon lube was enough. I was waking in the night with itchy labia! Realised my moon cup was uncomfy and my usual sport was making me sore.

Still didn't twig.

Then got 'break through' bleeding. Thought the worst with the bloating etc.
Except it wasn't breakthrough. It was more frequent periods.

Hated the sight of my DP. Only him though really. Found him irritating entirely. Not the children though. Not work or family.

Gyne gave me the vagifem pessaries which have been great. Only just gone to two a week. Itchy has gone.

Doc gave me oestrogen patches but they don't stay on my skin. Maybe my skin is dry. So I can't follow the dose properly. My mum gave me some of her gel to try but only been a few days. I actually snuggled up to DP last night which I haven't done for months.

I'll keep trying I suppose to see what happens.

Blahblahblahnanana Fri 11-Oct-19 14:24:47

Mentioned I’d provide an update once I’d been to the doctors...

So, this month it’s been 14 days since my last period. I’ve been referred for an ultrasound and need to have some bloods done. I did have some fibroids in 2009 (not sure what they’re like now) so I guess it could be them if I’m not peri-menopausal. Will post once I know more...

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