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susan1801 Sat 11-Aug-18 19:37:09

Can someone please help me, I can't sleep it's been so long now. It's not the heat, I'm out of the heat and I still cannot sleep. Does insomnia in the menopause mean I am at the end of the menopause? Or the middle?

IRun4Me Sun 12-Aug-18 08:54:33

Sorry I don’t have any answers but I’m in a similar position. I’m late 40’s and my cycle hasn’t changed but I definitely have other perimenopausal symptoms such as brain fog and anxiety. But the insomnia and tiredness is a nightmare. It’s been going on for about a year and I’ve tried everything. Sorry I haven’t got any suggestions of help.

MidiMitch Sun 12-Aug-18 08:55:55

Have you tried meditation? I have an audio book which helps me. It's called Go to Sleep Now.

QueenoftheNights Sun 12-Aug-18 09:25:44

Does insomnia in the menopause mean I am at the end of the menopause? Or the middle?

It doesn't really work like that.
Insomnia and all the other horrible symptoms are caused by falling estrogen. Post meno your levels will be lower and some of the symptoms may go on for ever. Some women never get rid of flushes for example. My mum started with insomnia and flushes in her 50s and still has them now at 90. Some women find it all settles down, eventually, others don't.

QueenoftheNights Sun 12-Aug-18 09:27:35

sorry pressed too soon. No such thing as 'end of menopause'. Menopause= end of periods so once they stop you are in menopause for the rest of your life. HRT may well help and did for me.

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