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Memory problems worsening - not sure if peri??

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Blobby10 Wed 13-Jun-18 12:16:28

I'm 49 and over the past few months have noticed my memory worsening along with increased body temperature after lunch, occasional night sweats - nothing really horrendous so just assumed that peri menopause was on its way. Had a Mirena coil fitted last year and periods have got much much lighter and way less painful so no complaints there!

However I am having real problems with my memory - silly stuff like not remembering my nieces names - I knew them I just couldn't remember them! Instances of the words coming out of my mouth being different to those that I think I'm saying - this has been commented on by partner and children (young adults now !) - for example I say "I'm going to the shops for milk" and what comes out of my mouth is "I'm going to the shops for meat". I speak clearly so mumbling isnt the problem.

Happens the other way around too - DD said yesterday in text "Dad is picking me up at 8.30am" I read 4.30pm and worked everything around that! And I was sure of it too - wasn't til I checked the message last night to prove she was wrong that I discovered she was right! DS told me on the phone that he was looking at a flat at 6pm. I phoned at 2.30pm to find out how it went cos thats what I heard

Has anyone else experienced this? Did you take any vitamins or minerals to help? Did dietary changes help? (My mum is trying to convert me to veganism or at the very least no dairy or red meat like the Japanese do as their women don't have menopause symptoms!)

ParisUSM Wed 13-Jun-18 19:43:17

I definitely had periods of finding my brain didn't work the way it used to be - I found it hard to process information. For example I'd see a cloud and think it was a sheep until my brain made sense of it. Really only happened before a period.

I think Japanese women do have menopausal symptoms, they just don't talk about them. I don't know if giving up meat or dairy is useful, I spent my whole time giving things up and I don't think anything made much of a difference, other than alcohol.

I would constantly say the wrong word too but the young people I work with got used to it I think and would say 'I know what you mean' no matter how ridiculous. Must be dealing with the same at home I think/

My memory is much better now - I memorised loads of stuff recently and was worried I wouldn't be able to do so. So ti will come back smile

Emerald13 Wed 13-Jun-18 22:10:40

It is due to estrogen loss during meno and it gets worse with time. Estrogen affects the mind and estrogen loss is strongly related with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The only thing that made the difference for me is hrt. Diet, exercise and a good sleep helps also a little.

saltedliquorice Wed 13-Jun-18 22:44:12

Oh great news Emerald13.
I am going through this OP you have my sympathy 💐. I get my words sentences mixed. Misread texts and emails.
My worst is cooking I just get in such a fluster and get so annoyed with myself trying to follow a recipe and time everything right and if any little thing goes wrong (as it often does) etc it completely floors me.
I get the hot sweats after lunch and during the night early hours of the morning my hair is plastered to my head and dripping wet.
But worse than all this my confidence in myself and my abilities has took a real battering workwise and socially. I thought I was starting to come out of it/had past the worst at nearly 53 with no HRT and no period for 12 months but I seem to be hastening towards dementia by what you have said Emerald13.
I did mention HRT to my GP but they just dismissed it maybe because I am very overweight as I think it’s maybe not good. Also I tagged it in the end of something else I had gone to see GP about.

Emerald13 Wed 13-Jun-18 22:57:19

Being overweight is not a contradiction Salte but you can try to have a better diet and a healthier lifestyle!
Take care and get informed! smile

theconstantinoplegardener Wed 13-Jun-18 23:10:02

I do the substituting words thing too. It's so annoying! I find its worse when I'm busy/under pressure. However, I'm sure I heard from a reliable source that as long as the words you mix up are from the same category (eg milk and meat), it's very common and nothing to worry about. If you were to start mixing in words that made no sense, eg " I'm going to the shops to get purple", that is more concerning.

Blobby10 Thu 14-Jun-18 17:14:28

Oh wow! Just knowing others have been through it (and come out the other side!) makes me feel so much better.

Constantinople unfortunately I have said something along the lines of going to the shops to get purple but I was Very Tired!

I usually got to the gym every day and get fresh air and generally try to eat healthily. I'm not particularly overweight but am carrying excess round my middle. Unfortunately two weeks ago I had a fatty lipoma taken off my shoulder so haven't been able to exercise and also had my elderly dog put to sleep so have no reason to go out for walks in the fresh air - wonder if this is why I have noticed my memory being so much worse lately? Back on track now so hopefully it wont get worse..........................................

Its so good to know it does get better - I'm talking a multi vitamin from Holland and Barrett called Ultra Woman!! I'm hoping it will give me superpowers grin

Thank you all of you xx

theconstantinoplegardener Thu 14-Jun-18 17:48:04

Ah well, lots of people muddle words when they're tired, so if you don't find yourself talking nonsense (as in "going to the shops to buy purple") on a regular basis, you're probably OK. I'm still peri but my friend who is now menopausal has found that her memory/brain fog has now improved . I'm hoping mine does too!

stubbornstains Fri 15-Jun-18 21:28:14

I'm only 44, and used to have a razor sharp memory, but not any more sad. It's never really come back after the birth of DS2 3 years ago.

Yesterday, I was holding a community meeting. A neighbour was there, and we were talking about her experiences as a gay parent in the village (I'm straight). I started to say "Well, I have problems with people who say that....", and instead said "Well, I have problems with lesbians".

I think she understood I was muddling my words up.....blush

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