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Shoeshelpplease Tue 20-Mar-18 05:26:18

I am coming up to the age whereby I am expecting and certainly thinking about the menopause a lot.

I was wondering what others do / have done to prepare for this stage in life?

I am trying to shed any excess weight now, spending more time building muscle and activities such as yoga.

Also trying to eat as organic and naturally as possible.

Any other tips?

TanteRose Tue 20-Mar-18 05:35:00

I'm 50 in a few weeks, and luckily hardly affected at the moment.
I'm naturally cutting back on carbs these days (tend to feel full if I eat too much at one meal), trying to exercise more (mostly walking) but still drinking coffee and alcohol while I can! (I expect I will have to give both of those up for a while, but fully intent to start imbibing again once I am out the other side grin )

I am preparing by reading A LOT about meno (some of it is fucking scary...) and getting mentally prepared. I am fully prepared to go all-out HRT at the slightest symptom and want all the facts about that.

I find that knowledge is helpful - its comforting to know that its just a phase but we shouldn't have to suffer.

I also talk with my friends about the menopause, those my age and older friends too, to get advice.

Shoeshelpplease Tue 20-Mar-18 06:03:03

Thank you, that's really useful stuff.

I am trying not to read too much yet (while also agreeing that knowledge is power). I just don't want to scare myself by reading scary things that may not be applicable.

Bit of a stretch but I liken it to just before going into an exam (many decades ago!) and you meet up with your friends. Conversations along the lines of .... 'did you remember to read up on Darwins theory of .....' Ah shit, no, panic and anxiety levels go through the roof. Whereas in reality, nothing I can do about it now as I am about to walk into the exam room and it might not even be on the paper!

I kind of learnt to avoid my friends pre exam for a while! But anyway most of my friends are at least five years younger and the menopause is not on their radar yet.

Shoeshelpplease Tue 20-Mar-18 06:06:24

Also I'm finding that I'm so accepting of this life stage, quite possibly the meditation helping here.

I can understand why some women would grieve but I feel surprisingly calm and embracing .... mind you none of the symptoms have really kicked in yet.

Focusing on diet and nutrition is helpful here. I feel like I haven't had the time, knowledge or life experience to know how to treat my body so well at other life phases and feel lucky to be able to do so now.

Cooroo Tue 20-Mar-18 06:10:47

I'm 58 and stopped menstruating about 5 years ago. I get hot in the night. Physically that's about it. I know some people suffer terribly but it isn't automatic. I walk and cycle a fair bit but don't have time for gyms. I fast 2 days a week. I don't know if these are why I've had an easy ride, as my mum didn't really suffer much either - may be genetic?

TanteRose Tue 20-Mar-18 06:17:09

yep me too - but as with you, no major symptoms yet. My periods are getting a bit closer together but are still ridiculously regular hmm

I'm probably not ovulating much these days, but I have a horrible feeling I could still get pregnant if we weren't careful shock

I am REALLY looking forward to no periods after meno is over.
Sooo over periods now...and they are not really all that much trouble, as I use a mooncup. Having said, that I am in a dilemma at the mo, because my mooncup (actually a Fleurcup) is a bit past it, but I don't know whether to invest in a new one, only to have my periods stop grin

I think I just want to be armed and ready, so that I won't be surprised by any horrific symptoms that meno might bring. I will be straight to my OBGYN for HRT if things are even remotely unbearable. I do NOT intend to suffer smile

TanteRose Tue 20-Mar-18 06:18:06

Cooroo yes my mum had it relatively easy too - fingers crossed its genetic!

ParisUSM Tue 20-Mar-18 07:08:38

Might be an idea to get vitamin d and ferritin levels checked, thyroid too? Definitely something to do if symptoms do kick in (hopefully they won't)

HRTpatch Tue 20-Mar-18 07:11:12

I'm still struggling at 58 shock.
A sympathetic doctor is crucial. I'm off to a menopause clinic next month to try and sort myself out.

PollyPerky Tue 20-Mar-18 08:41:59

OP The only advice I can share is to give yourself a really healthy lifestyle which does seem to work. And bear in mind that all women are different. Some sail through meno with nothing more than the odd hot flush now and then, which is great for them.

Others, like my mum, have never got rid of flushes/ insomnia and she is now 90. My consultant confirmed some women never lose the flushes so I know she's not imagining it!

Okay, so my advice is:

-Cut back on booze to almost nil.
-Eat at least 6-7 fruit/ veg portions daily
-Cut out sugar ( the recommended limit for an adult is 30mgs/ 5 teaspoons a day anyway so it's really worth reading the labels.)
-Add in pulses- lentils, beans, etc - as they are weak sources of estrogen.
-Add in seeds and nuts which are high in Omega 3 ( flax and linseeds, walnuts, almonds)
-Eat more oily fish - 3 x a week - for Omega 3.
Reduce red meat and processed meat- both possibly linked to breast cancer which increases with age.
-Cut down on caffeine
-Exercise for 30-45 minutes every day and do weights to help maintain muscles.
- Do something calming like yoga or mindfulness.

Then crash out, exhausted smile

If all the above doesn't work, HRT!

Shoeshelpplease Wed 21-Mar-18 07:43:08

Some great advice there Polly, thank you!

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