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Which HRT should I ask my GP for?

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pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Mon 12-Mar-18 20:42:19

Considering HRT for relief of menopause symptoms: 4am waking; mood swings; aching joints; brain fog.
Still having fairly regular periods, just with varying flow.
I am 54, and would like to have HRT with no bleeds.
Would like to be well- informed if I decide to go to my GP: what should I be asking for?

PollyPerky Tue 13-Mar-18 09:15:34

Unfortunately no bleed HRT is for women who have not had a period for a yea- otherwise it won't control your own cycle so you may get odd bleeding at all times. Even in women who are post meno, it often takes 6 months for continuous (no bleed) HRT to settle and they find they spot for weeks or months.

The type to avoid is anything with conjugated equine estrogen- (from horse urine) so that is no Prempak or Premarin.

Some women find Femoston good but long term if you stayed on it after 60, you are advised to use transdermal, so that's patches or gel.

If you use estrogen gel, you need a separate progestogen for half the month; Utrogestan is considered the safest because it's natural progesterone.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Sat 17-Mar-18 08:07:46

Thank you, Polly.

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