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Period is 63 days late but I’ve had Eggwhite CM

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Diamond25 Fri 09-Feb-18 12:29:22

I’m nearly 48 & my cycles have been an average of 20 days the past few years. I have random cycles of 14 days & the odd long cycle. Can you still ovulate but have no period?
I have an app that I use to track my cycle but have had egg white 3 times in the last few months but no period.
I had blood tests last year & my Dr said that I was perimenopausal.
No chance of pregnancy as DH had the snip 12 years ago.
Do I need to see a Dr? I have no other symptoms. I haven’t had my usual migraines that I get each month which is good.

PollyPerky Fri 09-Feb-18 15:43:35

My understanding is you can have periods but no ovulation- incomplete cycles where you might go for 2 months or so but only one cycle is a complete one. You don't need to see your dr, no, you're not ill.

Melamin Fri 09-Feb-18 22:51:05

You need to read the perils of perimenopause grin

You get cervical mucus if your oestrogen levels go up, but it is not always ovulation - you need to check that with basal body temp if you are keen to find out.

You can get bleeds if your progesterone drops in a normal cycle, if your oestrogen goes down in peri (oestrogen withdrawal bleed) and just for the hell of it if your lining builds up. Fun and games wink

Diamond25 Sat 10-Feb-18 04:52:21

Thanks for the replies & the link. I wasn’t sure if I needed to see a Dr to discuss HRT. I am on medication for depression & The pill makes my depression worse & I get migraines. I’m not sure if i’ll be suitable for HRT so not sure what the options are.

PollyPerky Sat 10-Feb-18 07:21:30

Are you in the UK? Just noticing the 4am post!

Has your depression coincided with peri meno? If so, the advice from NICE is to use HRT not ADs. If you have had depresson for years before peri, obviously that is different.

Don't compare the Pill with HRT. They are totally different products. The Pill has high levels of synthetic hormones to suppress ovulation. HRT has much much lower doses of natural hormones- the same as our own- and it is available in different doses too. HRT is putting back what you had, not adding something completely different.

Migraine is also not a no-no for HRT- have you read the advice on this by the Migraine Trust (online)? Have a read.

Diamond25 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:33:48

Thanks Pollyperky. I am in Australia.
I will have a read on the Migraine Trust. Mine are usually related to my cycle which happen on the 1st & 5th day. Also if i’ve eaten something very cheesy, pine nuts or macadamia nuts can trigger a migraine too. If I don’t get enough sleep then I can get one too.
I have suffered with depression for 25 years so it’s not due to peri.
I also have osteoporosis due to having Anorexia & wasn’t fed properly by my foster parents so it’s affected my bones. I have to have a 6 monthly injection of Prolia.
I will be seeing my Dr within the next 6 months so I will see what he suggests regarding HRT for the future.
Thanks for replying.

Diamond25 Wed 14-Feb-18 13:55:48

Update. A/F finally turned up today after nearly 3 months. I usually have around 20 day cycles. I have a migraine & heavy bleeding & cramping.

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