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Should I consider HRT?

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awishes Thu 01-Feb-18 22:47:05

3 years since a period and I thought I managing very well naturally! However I am “suffering” from the following and can’t think of any other reason than menopausal symptoms:
Hair loss - quite dramatic
Insomnia- I am desperate for sleep!
Lack of energy - unusual for me
Hot flushes- only just started
Should I approach my (unsympathetic) lady GP and will HRT help?

PollyPerky Fri 02-Feb-18 08:53:53


But be prepared to fight your corner if they are not happy to prescribe and come up with all the reasons 'why not to'.

My only advice then is to side step them, find a private consultant who is meno-friendly and get what you need.

weaselwords Fri 02-Feb-18 08:54:43

Yes. Absolutely. You could feel a lot better than that!

mumpoints Fri 02-Feb-18 09:08:49

Yes. My friend was fobbed off by her GP, so went to a private doc and had the tests, got the prescription, and then just continued it with her GP. Not a problem and until very recently (quite a few years) has not had any issues. She is thinking of going back now because she is getting tired/flushes again.

ZivaDiva Fri 09-Feb-18 21:42:26

I’m in the same boat, nearly 3 years since my last period and symptoms seeem to be getting worse. I’ve just been to my GP and been prescribed HRT without any argument. Hopefully it will improve things.

HWECT Tue 13-Feb-18 08:29:00

Hi awishes, I'm exactly the same as you, I've tried so hard to do it naturally, I'm 53 and been going thru this for the last 6 yrs,
not sure why I've left it so long?! scared of the side effects I think,
Finally went to my GP yday who has prescribed Elleste Duet Cont,
I've suffered from alopecia areata ( due to menopause?) for 5yrs,
I start losing my hair in Oct, gets very very thin, even sometimes bald patches 😞 then it starts growing back in March time?
Very strange, my BIG concern after viewing everyone's comments is does HRT (Elleste Duet Conti) cause hair loss?
Should I def change to a different one?
Any advice would be great

Discoisabelle Tue 13-Feb-18 18:11:42

I started HRT last July (on Oestrogel and Utrogestan) and a month later (August) i started losing my hair quite badly, i persisted with it, then in December it just stopped falling and now my curls and thickness is coming back quite quickly, no more itchy scalp or thin looking hair. I believe it was the new hrt treatment that changed things and my body needed to adjust. I think it is important to stick to the program, persist, as oestrogen is the woman's friend after 50 , also it takes more than 3 months for some symptoms to disappear ie palpitations, dry skin, limp hair, i would not panic.

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