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Provera side effects???

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Bluebell66 Mon 06-Nov-17 15:43:47

I'm on Provera 12 days every other month for the progesterone part of my HRT. I'm taking it at the moment, 8 days in, and I feel dreadful. Constant dull headache, hugely bloated, terrible anxiety and feeling like I can't cope with anything. Does anyone else have experience of this when on Provera or any other progesterone?

I tried Utrogestan and that was even worse.


Fucky Mon 06-Nov-17 15:47:08

I know these are recorded side effects that some women will get.

At least you only ha e to suffer every 2 months so maybe look for the positives grin

I take utrogestan 100mg every day and I’m fine with this - just another reminder of why everyone is different.

What about trying a mirena?

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