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Breast pain - likely to resolve?

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mydoglovesme Mon 30-Oct-17 18:34:41

Been taking Femoston 1/10 for six months now. Recently developed breast pain - sometimes shooting, sometimes constant low level. Do I need to try another HRT or is it likely to subside?

PollyPerky Mon 30-Oct-17 19:29:47

It depends on what is normal for you. Are you still in peri and could it be part of PMS?
How often does it happen?

I've never heard of this after 6 months- breasts sometimes get a bit bigger on HRT and may be sore at first but TBH I think you should see your GP for an examination because it may not be linked at all to HRT anyway.

Any chance it could be muscular? Been doing any different exercise?

mydoglovesme Tue 31-Oct-17 07:25:41

I’m still in peri, this seems to happen on both parts of the HRT sequence so don’t think it’s PMT. I had a breast exam when I got my first prescription so don’t think it could be anything sinister. I’ve ordered some Starflower oil to see if that helps.

Nevella Sun 12-Nov-17 09:13:09

Hi wondered if anyone can advise i have hysterectomy at 46 im now 56 I've been on evorel 50 patches for ova 2yrs and was fine then a year ago i started to have vaginal dryness and now on vagifem all was great but past 6 months my left breast is very heavey swollen and painfull esp down left side of it had mammogram all was clear doctor gave me voltrol to put on but no diff any advice please

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