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Fingerbobs Mon 30-Oct-17 07:04:10

Hello, i’m wondering if anyone has advice/experience to share. I’m 45 and after being on implanon for 9 years came off earlier this year as I was fairly sure i was menopausal (family history, plus night sweats, brain fog, aches and pains and a general feeling of not being hormonal). I was very ambivalent about HRT because frankly I hated having periods at all but because of my age I decided with the doctor to try - mainly owing to bone health and possible brain health. Although as a side-note my GP was very clear that HRT is not licensed in the uk to help with bone health, it’s only licensed to address menopausal symptoms. Given that I had enough of these I decided with her to give it a try. Because of my resistance to periods and because my FSH levels were over 60, we went for kliovance continuous. Almost 3 months later and I hate it. I’m ‘hornonal’ - by which I mean my mood is unstable and I’m weepy, self-hating and feel generally as though I’m not in control of me. My boobs are enormous and hurt, I’m fat and getting fatter (I had lost weight previously and that felt a bit like when I finished breast feeding - my body didn’t need the fat any more so it came off. It’s right back now though). However. I am sleeping through the night and sex is amazing.
So - finally - is there any hope that when I go back to my gp we can fiddle about with different things so that I can BOTH have sex and sleep well and not have my bones crumble and yet not feel like a huge-breasted madwoman? And does anyone have any suggestions as to what the magic formula might be re oestrogen/progesterone/testosterone mix or do I just have to suffer through trying them all til I find something tolerable?

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