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Menopace anyone?

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cricketbat Thu 19-Oct-17 20:16:31

I'm just starting out my peri journey, I'm 50, still have regular bleeds but things are definitely changing. I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil for a few months and think that has helped with sore breasts. Never had Pmt before but now I am sooo grumpy, really not myself. Brain fog, no libido, and putting on a few kg weight has always been stable. Would Menopace help with the moods, or am I falling for the marketing hype? I'd be interested in your experiences, I might give it a go. Also I have painful joints on and off. I don't like the new me, I'm not nice to be around and very intolerant for no real reason.

LadyWithLapdog Thu 19-Oct-17 20:24:37

I went straight to HRT after a few weeks of incipient hot flushes. I had no risk factors and I thought, if not now, then when?!

TillyVonMilly Wed 25-Oct-17 22:10:59

I tried menopause, I took it for four months, unfortunately it made no difference to any of my symptoms, I might as well of had a blue smartie instead. After twenty months of night sweats, anxiety and terrible mood swings, I went to see my GP, she had a wry smile when I said I’d tried menopace. I’m three months into HRT and feel infinitely better.

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