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How to prevent a bleed on Elleste Duet 2mg

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Bermie67 Thu 19-Oct-17 10:21:06

I'm currently taking ED 2mg. I started a new packet 3 days ago and will probably later today start a bleed. It's not convenient for me to have a bleed next month - is there a way of preventing this? If I don't take the white tables and just continue with the orange tablets, would this do it or is just a no no?

PollyPerky Thu 19-Oct-17 13:39:42

I don't know anything about the colour of the tablets but using the names of the hormones, if you avoid the progestogens (2nd half of pack) and continue with estrogen only, you will not bleed. You shouldn't do this often though because the lining may get too thick.

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