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How long does vagifem take to work

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isthatyouitsme Wed 18-Oct-17 15:42:21

I'm 52 and definitely peri.Only 2 periods this year and having loads of symptoms but no hot flushes. Six months ago I had a uti but after antibiotics still had symptoms second sample was negative so no bacteria. Thought I must be imagining symptoms no pain but constantly had a feeling I needed to go.Sometimes stinging other times just an irritation "down there"No continence issues no desperate urgency just this annoying feeling.Eventually it seemed to go and I got on with life.Now it has returned.Urine sample was clear but for the last 6 weeks it's taken over my life.After some research wondered if low oestrogen was to blame.Saw a different dr at surgery today,he was lovely,he wasn't sure if this would be the case in peri thought it only happened in menopause as I still have some oestrogen.He agreed to me trying vagifem to see how I got on so have now picked up my prescription.Just wandered if anyone could tell me how long before I know if it's working.One thing I read said 12 weeks!! To be honest I'll be suicidal by then.Going back to dr's in a month to discuss this other hrt.Any help out there.

PollyPerky Wed 18-Oct-17 16:39:37

There really is no 'set time' for improvement.
Think of it like this- your body is reacting to a lack of estrogen which causes the tissues in the bladder and urethra to atrophy. How far this has gone is different for everyone. You might feel better in 2 weeks, it might take 2 months or sometimes 6 months to feel 100% back to normal.
If you are having lots of other symptoms as well as these, have you thought about using HRT as well as Vagifem? Some women need both but if it's 'just' the atrophy then there is no need.

isthatyouitsme Wed 18-Oct-17 16:50:19

I need to find out a bit more re hrt,though my gp did suggest it this morning,hence the return appointment.My main concern is the Breast cancer risk,my older sister has had breast cancer so need to think about risks v benefit.To be honest I am unwell with a flu like virus at the moment so wasn't in the best headspace today,Just feel like I'm always feeling ill at the moment.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Wed 18-Oct-17 19:33:20

I noticed a difference after just a few days of starting Vagifem, about 3 weeks before a vast improvement but I did start it at an early stage (peri)

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Wed 18-Oct-17 19:34:33

Vagifem won't increase your risk BC risk the oestrogen in it is an extremely small dose.

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