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Bleeding after menapause and hysterectomy

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Adifferentway Fri 06-Oct-17 14:16:01

Hi, I had a TAH hysterectomy at 42, ovaries left in place. Went in to menopause normal age at around 50 ish, HRT for last 4 years. (I'm 56 now.)

This time last year, I was having UTI after UTI and I had some bleeding. When the GP examined me, it was vaginal pinky mucas which was clearly on the speculum. Went for an Ultasound which I was originally advised showed up some evidence of endometriosis. Problem settled until last few months. No re-occurrence of the UTI's but bilateral discomfort/ mild pain on my right side low pelvis and across my lower back and the discharge is back. It looks fresh blood when I go to the loo but the stuff on the panty liner is much darker. I've had a pelvic MRI which has not identified any cause for the bleeding.

What on earth can be wrong? Surely this isn't normal? I'm due to see consultant next week but wondered whether anyone had experienced the same sort of thing?

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