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Anyone has cut her estradot patch in half?

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Canadawet Thu 05-Oct-17 19:42:11

I have started HRT today, estradot patch 50mg twice weekly and progesterone pills 15 days per month. I never ever have migraines and about one hour after putting the patch on I had visual disturbances, followed by headache and feeling quite drained. I am better now, just a background headache, which is unusual for me. So I decided to read the notice as one does and realised that lower doses were available so I am now tempted to cut my next patch in half to see. Does that seem daft to you?

PollyPerky Fri 06-Oct-17 08:50:20

lots of women do this.

Canadawet Fri 06-Oct-17 16:22:05

Thanks, I just got a super of 3 months, seems like a shame to throw them away. This been said I slept through the night very comfortably for the first time in 2 years, incredible, my headache is gone but my breasts are tender now. I could see if I manage to sleep well with a lower dose and take it from there.

Canadawet Fri 06-Oct-17 16:22:32

*supply, not super

PollyPerky Fri 06-Oct-17 17:03:37

You can't really judge after just one day. I felt very nauseous when first using estrogen but I divided the dose ( morning and night) which helped and after 2 weeks my body had got used to it.

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