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Femoston conti giving me the rage

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hawleybits Mon 25-Sep-17 20:32:10

I have been talking Femoston coni, lowest dose, for 5 weeks. I gave in to HRT, after two years post period but feeling like I was becoming so forgetful and my ankles in particular were aching unbearably first thing in the morning. My family history of osteoporosis is also a contributory factor.
Other than that, I could live with the rest. I sleep well and always have.

Now however, the aching limbs have mostly disappeared and I might be a little less muddled but I've gained the worst case of, what feels like, PMT. Will it improve in time, or is this the trade off? I actually think I prefer being a bit dippy!

hawleybits Mon 25-Sep-17 20:38:05

I should have said, I'm 55 and thought I'd escaped grin

Battyoldbat Mon 25-Sep-17 20:41:36

Go to your gp and try another type? I started on one hrt pill and found it did bugger all so I've switched to another which is much better. There are quite a few different ones, there's probably one that will suit you better.

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