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Totally confused - can anyone help?

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Frillyknickers41 Mon 26-Jun-17 11:58:24

I went to see my GP after Christmas about periods all over the place (3 months with nothing then long heavy bleeds with only a week break etc) and generally feeling foggy, exhausted achy and rubbish. She questioned me about my history - prior to last 18 months v regular normal periods - I am 36. My grandmother had her last period at 38 and my mum at 35. GP thought good chance of premature menopause and ran blood tests. First one came out FSH 42 which she told me was 'post-menopausal' second one was normal. She referred to gynaecologist anyway.

Saw gynaecologist yesterday. I was hoping she would prescribe combined pill to regularise periods etc and talk to me about HRT / management of premature menopause. She basically seemed to be saying that I am totally normal - the blood test the GP did was too unreliable and that a normal woman of my age would have had the same levels. She categorically stated that no gynaecologist would diagnose menopause unless periods have been absent for 12 months. Blood tests are no longer used. I can only be considered for HRT after my periods have stopped for 12 months and she wouldn't prescribe the combined pill because its no longer prescribed to women aged over 35??? She offered mini pill but Ive tried that before and hated it so I refused.

I'm absolutely stuck now. GP said high chance I was at experiencing a premature meno/peri-meno and gynaecologist says I'm normal?? Anyone shed some light?

PollyPerky Mon 26-Jun-17 14:00:35

Sorry you are being given the run around but this gynae is talking absolute bollocks. Who is it? Sounds like she / he knows nothing about menopause! TBH I'd report her to a professional body because everything she has siad about HRT, the PIll and diagnosis is wrong.

In women under 45, blood tests are needed for diagnosis (but not in women over 45.)

Menopause is the final period. Because most women have long gaps in peri, you can't be sure it's a final period until 12 months with no period have passed. But if you have a period in June 2016 and nothing more, then by June 2017 you'd say you were post menopause in June 2016.

You need to find another gynae.

Have a look at the Daisy Network charity online for info on prem menopause.


This gynae you saw sounds really odd- and it's not good enough.

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