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TERRIBLE ache in leg and back overnight - low estrogen?

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Jng1 Thu 22-Jun-17 12:38:26

I used to have this a lot before I went on HRT - an excruciatingly painful dull ache which felt like it was deep in the bones of my lower back, my buttocks and down my right leg. Not like a muscular or tendon pain - much deeper. And paracetamol /ibuprofen don't help at all.
GP thought it might be low estrogen related.

It disappeared when I went on HRT, but last night I had the most terrible bout again and was awake ALL NIGHT getting up and down, trying painkillers, stretching etc etc. All to no avail.

Had a hot bath this morning and now it's gone.
Weird thing is that the last time I had it this bad was when we on holiday in Turkey.
Just trying to figure out what brings it on?
- hot environment?
- dehydration?
- lack of caffeine (not been drinking hot drinks the last few days, and I'm sure I read somewhere that caffeine can stimulate estrogen production?)


OuchLegoHurts Thu 22-Jun-17 12:40:15

That sounds like Sciatica...I get it when I have my period, it can be hormonal. I just take paracetamol as it's not as bad these days, it was much worse when I had a job that involved standing up for long periods of time

prettypaws Sun 25-Jun-17 21:06:24

Sciatica is totally different to none pain, (even if the location is the same).
Have you had your Vit D3 levels checked? A long term deficiency can cause severe bone pain, mine (same place) improved with a prescribed high dose.

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