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poppym12 Sat 10-Jun-17 09:05:17

Could anyone recommend a good brand of sage supplements please? I've been using the A.Vogel ones but wondered if maybe a cheaper brand may be just as good.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sun 11-Jun-17 16:21:18

I use Nature's Garden from Holland & Barrett. Round about £10 mark IIRC. I like them, but haven't tried others.

SealSong Sun 11-Jun-17 16:23:15

What are sage supplements helpful for? Asking out of interest.

poppym12 Mon 12-Jun-17 13:02:13

They supposedly help with hot flushes. They seemed to help me at first but I'm not so sure now. I'll keep going as I'd love an unbroken night's sleep.

SealSong Mon 12-Jun-17 17:39:55

thank you.
Re sleep, I alternate by taking melatonin and promethazine (an anti-histamine). Both help my sleep quite a lot, but I still get some bad nights. My melatonin was bought abroad, but I have heard that a certain famous auction site sells it in the uk.

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